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  1. jpohrer

    Red Lip Tips from StudioTalk Event- helpful for CoC lips!

    With Cult of Cherry ushering in a red/dark lipstick trend for fall, I thought I would share my notes for creating red lips from the Studio Talk I attended! 1. Use Brick lipliner. Start in the center of the top lip. Keep your head tilted down while looking in a mirror to apply. Do a small...
  2. jpohrer

    Strada discontinued but featured in Naughty Nauticals?

    I saw that Strada blush was on the discontinued list. However, it is featured in two Naughty Nauticals face charts, and has no triangle of death next to it. Is Strada discontinued?
  3. jpohrer

    Royal Assets and Antiquitease Makeover FOTD!

    I got a makeover today with one of my favorite MAC Artists, who has returned after a long absence! Kimberley used the following: NW20 tinted moisturizer Uppity, Palatial, Motif, Chill, Majestic, blue from Metallic, Black Tied e/s Blacktrack liner Brit Wit blushcreme Subculture, Her Fancy...
  4. jpohrer

    My small Antiquitease and Royal Assets Haul!

    I had a makeover today and got the Smokey Eyes palette, Her Fancy (B2M), Corsette, Blacktrack and a lovely face chart!
  5. jpohrer

    Sweet story from MAC counter last night!

    I was at the MAC counter last night. A grandmother brought her 16-year old granddaughter in for a makeover. She was going to a homecoming dance, and had never worn makeup before. The MA used Pen 'N' Pink, Shale and Babied, among other things. The girl looked really fresh and pretty. Once the...
  6. jpohrer

    Moonbathe Makeover FOTD

    I had a Moonbathe Makeover today! Here is the breakdown: -NW20 tinted moisturizer, C3 powder -Astral Ray as eyelid base -Brule lid to brow -Cosmic lid to crease -Saturnal outer V -Firespot in crease over Cosmic -Teddy and Powersurge liner -Astral Ray, Golden and Afterdusk on cheeks -Solar Plum...
  7. jpohrer

    d'bohemian Barbie FOTD

    I love the versatility of the Barbie colllection! Today, I combined some Barbie colors with my favorites from d'bohemia. Face: NW15 concealor, NW20 tinted moisturizer Cheeks: Harmony, Margin, Deckchair Eyes: UDPP, Beautyburst, Magic Dust, d'bohemia, Prose and Fancy, Expresso, Plumage, Tealo...
  8. jpohrer

    "Madame B"arbie FOTD

    The Barbie and Madame B colors work really well together! Here is my FOTD: Face: NW15 concealor, NW20 tinted moisturizer Eyes: UDPP, Shimmermint, Meadowland, Moth Brown, Plum, LM Lilac, Magic Dust, Prunella Cheeks: Harmony, Don't Be Shy, Shy Angel Lips: Underage (sub for Style It Up); later...
  9. jpohrer

    Danse-ing Barbie FOTD

    All MAC: Face: NW15 concealor, NW20 tinted moisturizer Cheeks: Harmony, Glissade, Sunsparkled Pearl Lips: Beurre, Kooky, Babied Eyes: UDPP, Wedge, Vanilla as Prime Black Tied, Magic Dust, Moth Brown, Graphblack, Phone Number
  10. jpohrer

    Lucky Green and Smoked Palette FOTD!

    Face: NW15 tinted moisturizer, peach corrector Eyes: Lucky Green, Smoked Palette (all but Satin Taupe), Graphblack liner Cheeks: Cubic, Harmony, Shimpagne Lips: Subculture, High Strung, Of Corset!
  11. jpohrer

    Copper Sparkle + Blue Brown

    This is a look that our Regional Trainer originally did on me two years ago at a Next at Nordstrom event. It is the Sculpture In The Raw facechart look. Eyes: Nude CCB, Copper Sparkle, Blue Brown, Teddy, Fairylight Face: Tenderling, Sunsparkled Pearl, Harmony Lips: Gigglefest, Spice, Cultured
  12. jpohrer

    Faves from Sundressing, A Muse, Rockocco

    Here is my FOTD with my favorites from the summer collections! Eyes: Summerwear quad, Softwash Grey, Blooz, Wedge, Coquette Lips: Gel, Hover, Sinnamon Cheeks: Harmony, Sunsparkled Pearl, Shimpagne Face: Peach Color Corrector, NW20 tinted moisturizer Hope you like it!
  13. jpohrer

    First FOTD on Specktra! Viva Glam VI inspired by Dita

    Here is my first FOTD on Specktra! I was inspired by the Dita facechart. All MAC, unless noted: Face: NW20 tinted moisturizer, peach color corrector, Tenderling to rim face, Sunsparkled Pearl as highlight Eyes: Bare Canvas base, LM Sandstone lid to brow, LM Caramel in crease with 222, Cork...
  14. jpohrer

    Coppertime vs. Indie Girl?

    Does anyone know if Coppertime from Sundressing and Indie Girl from Rebelrock are the same lipstick? The website says Coppertime is a lustre, but it is really a frost. Indie Girl is a frost with silver sparkles. Just wondering....
  15. jpohrer

    Sundressing Makeover!

    Here are the results of my Sundressing makeover! Staci, the fabulous MUA, used Softwash Grey on lid, Bateau and Carbon for contour and lower lash liner, Saddle in the crease, Gateaux and Vanilla under the brow, Inky Blue liquid liner, both beauty powders, Coppertime, Dervish and Glamorsun. I...
  16. jpohrer

    Mac In Mode

    I attended the MAC in Mode event at Nordstrom today! It was really fun! Gina B, a member of the MAC Pro Team, and Denise, our Regional Trainer, led the seminar. The four trends for the next 6 months are as follows: Eye Max, Skin Thing, Intelligent Bronzing and So Super. Skin Thing...