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  1. greengoesmoo

    Help me fill gaps in my collection...? :( Face and brows.

    I have a fairly oily skin type with quite a few visible pores. Also very pale so need something which isn't too heavy/cakey. I have 1 translucent powder, 1 liquid foundation, 1 green corrector and a quad of 4 diff toned concealers. I also only have 2 blushers, both in very bright pinks. As...
  2. greengoesmoo

    One size fits all...?

    I was always under the impression that this mean 8 to 14 uk and 6 - 12 us. How wrong I was. It would appear that my new "One size fits all" dress doesn't even fit my size 6 friend! It appears to be about a UK 4 which is barely one size fits some let alone all. At a UK 8-10 I expected it to...
  3. greengoesmoo

    periods and how to cure the mood swings.

    Periods. Yuck. I find very little more reassuring than knowing I am not pregnant and love any excuse to binge on bath bubble, face masks and nail polish for a couple of days. However I get that feeling of "I wanna cry, but I don't have a clue what over" for a day before and a couple of days...
  4. greengoesmoo

    Your FAVOURITE bits of you.

    I was having a read of the opposite thread, and it makes me kinda sad how almost all of us are miserable/would change some aspect of our physical self. Everybody has something beautiful/amazing about them, don't forget those things! So I want every single person who reads this to post three...
  5. greengoesmoo

    Short handled SYNTHETIC brushes. Help me?

    Does anyone here know a brand where I can get a reasonable sized set of synthetic brushes which are LESS than 6 inches in lenth. (8-12 brushes pref) Either internet or UK store please. I have been using brushes which are about 14/15 inches long and as fantastic as the weight balance on them...
  6. greengoesmoo

    I don't know if this should be here or in the Den. Baby pressures from bf.

    I'm 22 my bf is 34. He has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS gotten aggresive and turned into a massive emotionally blackmailing cunt about how much he doesn't want kids. To the point where I have physically smashed my head into walls from stress a few times because of it. (Yes in the self harming way)...
  7. greengoesmoo

    Any fellow Lovecraft fans about??

    So I just heard that the HPLHS are making "The Whisperer In Darkness" into a movie and I'm so excited I had to start shouting about it!! Has anyone else seen thier other production "Call of Cthulu" (It was done in 30's german impressionist style) YouTube - The Whisperer in Darkness Has...
  8. greengoesmoo

    First false lashes I need the lowdown from a pro!!

    I'm a complete virgin to fake lashes and need a few questions answered. Do I put them on before or after the rest of my eye make up? **********Most important of all!!!!! Should I cover the line where they are attached with eyeliner? Will this ruin them? What gives the best sticking...
  9. greengoesmoo

    Can somebody report this for me please???

    MAC eyeliner PENCILS -NEW- BLACK X 12 on eBay (end time 20-Mar-10 18:16:27 GMT) I don't have my own Ebay account and I don't know the reporting policy. These cannot be for real!!! I just watched a friend almost get tricked!!! Thankyou.
  10. greengoesmoo

    ARGH!! Is Lush's Godiva shampoo any good?

    Basically the exact as above, I'm normal/oily and I only have access to this and I'm off for a suana in 15 minutes!! Will it do?!?! I also have no conditioner!! Will I be dry and frizzy by 3pm? :| pe it's not a drier!! :| Anyone?? quick?
  11. greengoesmoo

    HOtpants... what on earth do I wear with them?!?!

    I have been handed down a pair of black and white (Across not downwards) striped hot pants. They are a 100% perfect fit! I just do not have a clue what to wear with them!!? I have never worn hot pants before, and they are somewhat of an unusual item. At least I do not see many women in them...
  12. greengoesmoo

    12 Pencil eyeliners, what to do?? (other than as simple eyeliner!)

    I just received a fantastic "sorry I locked you out for 3 hours in the rain" gift from my bf. It's a set of 12 mini pencil eyeliners in all different colours. They are very soft and a mixture of matte and glitters. (OMFG THE GREEN!) My question is, what on earth do I do with them all? I...
  13. greengoesmoo

    Black hair dyes which are veggie friendly?

    I found out that the company which make the hair dye I have always used still animal test. If people want a brand name, I will spill, but I do not want to upset anyone. I have left my hair undyed for 6 months now, and I would quite like to get back to my normal colour. Does anyone know of...
  14. greengoesmoo

    Mac staff uniform sizing.. a little help please?

    I have just found a MAC Barbie shirt I NEED (my head will actually explode if I don't buy it!!) My question is, are there any MAC staff here, and what are the sizes of your shirts? I am a uk 8 (US 6) but I have size 10 boobs. (Us 8) My chest is a 36D Is a small going to fit me? Because...
  15. greengoesmoo

    Thinning down "Stripe right" polishes.

    I just got 27 and a couple need thinning by a few % HELP ME!! The first listed ingredient is "aqua" which I assume I am correct in thinking is just posh for water. I guess this means they are acrylic polymer based rather than solvent based. Which in itself is made of win. What do I thin...
  16. greengoesmoo

    Liquid eyeliner.. The last bits..?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to get the last of a bottle out? Or how to thin a bottle out ever so slightly? It's about 4 months old and dried up a teeny weeny bit, there's still a lot in there, but I can't get it to get on the brush. The neck is very thin, and the only brush I can get...
  17. greengoesmoo

    Dirty nasty old men!!! A bit of a rant..

    So this weekend, I go to my corner shop, and it's about 9am, theres this old cunt standing there ranting on how "The youth of today, my dad smack smack" I am sure we have all heard this before so I don't need to type it out. So I stand there patiently while he stares at me (In my pajama...
  18. greengoesmoo

    Does anyone else have this problem with blowjobs???

    I don't know if this is a common problem, of if I am up to something wrong here. I never have trouble getting my man to have an orgasm through oral sex, but every time I give him a blowjob my tongue web/under tongue/surrounding area swells up like a balloon!! It swells and stays swollen for a...
  19. greengoesmoo

    Non Konad stamping.. Ebay cheap versions..?

    As much as I want to buy a Konad kit, I am incredibly tempted by the cheaper versions on Ebay because I am on an art student budget! lol Has anyone bought one of those, and what is the quality like? Full Set Nail Art Stamp Polish DIY Printing Machine Kit on eBay (end time 28-Jan-10 06:04:51...
  20. greengoesmoo

    A little help with warm dark lipsticks.

    I'm looking to buy MAC colours only atm, but I'm after warm DARK reds, purples, oranges, browns the richer the colour the better. I will admit I don't know my foundation shade, because I have never worn any. :$ but I have a very pale white (Yellow rather than pink white) skin tone, with dark...