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  1. makeupgal

    Grim Reaper!!!!

    My son asked me to do his Halloween makeup so here is a pic. All items used are M.A.C. FACE: White Chromacake, Velvetone Brow Pencil to create cracks CHEEKS: Carbon and Knight Divine EYES: Black Chromacake, Carbon and Knight Divine and Smoulder Pencil Liner for waterline LIPS: Black...
  2. makeupgal

    Rocker Lipstick Live Chat

    MODS: I did not want to copy this into the other thread about Rocker L/S since it is a live chat. I apologize if incorrect. info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly. info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Andrea. How...
  3. makeupgal

    ***Smoke Signals Quad FOTD***

    I never post because my camera SUCKS SO BAD!!! Anyway, I was playing with my smoke signals quad and this was the only picture that turned out half way decent. I had huge, long lashes on the outer corners that you can barely see *All makeup used is MAC unless otherwise noted Face: Full...
  4. makeupgal

    Late Birthday FOTD

    Here is a FOTD from by birthday (turned 39 ). I was gonna go out to celebrate last Saturday, but the weather was the worst, so we are going to try again this Saturday. Eyes: Golden Olive (lid) Humid and Electric Eel (crease) Carbon (little bit in the outer v) Blacktrack f/l Too Faced Lash...
  5. makeupgal

    Firespot turning gold....

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Firespot e/s to keep it from turning gold? It looks bright orange (like it is supposed to) when I first put it on, but after a while, it just turns gold. I'm surprised about this. I used "Nude" CCB underneath as a base. I've never had this problem...
  6. makeupgal

    "Girlie" FOTD

    I don't know why I bother to post since my camera is the DEVIL!!! Oh, well...I have a birthday coming up so you know what I'm askin' for. If anything, you can get a color combo idea. Hope you like anyway and thanks for looking. What I used: (All items are MAC unless otherwise specified) Face...
  7. makeupgal

    A Vivid Grape I never post because I can't take digital pictures worth a crap and it barely picks up the colors *sigh* AND I look like a ghost.... Here is what I used: Face Smashbox Primer MAC Studio...
  8. makeupgal

    Rimmel Underground pics for Emma

    Here is a picture of the items I got at Ulta. I really love this Rimmel Underground stuff. The swirly eyeshadows have a bit of glitter in them and they go on like a cross between a cream shadow and a powder shadow. The orangey one looks a lot like MAC Pink Bronze pigment.
  9. makeupgal

    I found a Heatherette lipstick look alike

    Hi girls! I fell in love with some FOTD's posted by SonRisa. The girl has major talent! Anyway, I fell in love with Heatherette lipstick all over again (she was wearing it in one of her FOTD's). Of course, it's no longer available. But I found one that looks almost exactly like it. It's by...
  10. makeupgal

    My Haul from Yesterday!

    Yay! I got almost every piece AND the hard to get Barbie. Had to get there early!
  11. makeupgal

    Barbie and a Pink Poodle FOTD Yeah, I know, this Barbie is looking kinda old! Please give me honest feedback on what I can improve. It will be appreciated. I used: FACE: Full Coverage Foundation Clinique All About...
  12. makeupgal

    First FOTD on Specktra

    I did not do anything out of this world and can I add how horrific I look? Can't wait to learn how to use my new camera and Photoshop! Let me know what I can improve. Here is what I used: Face: Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NC35, Select Sheer Pressed Powder NC30 Cheeks MAC Creme Blush - Lilicent...
  13. makeupgal

    Pigments/Shadow over CCB (cream colour base)

    This is not a tutorial with pics. But thought I'd share a technique I find so useful, especially with pigments. I always put a bit of concealer on the lid to even out the lid. I then use cream colour base and then my pigments over it. They "grab" a lot better! Try Blue Brown Pigment over...
  14. makeupgal

    Rockocco Looks

    Does anyone have any looks they can recommend for Rockocco?
  15. makeupgal

    New to Specktra

    Hello all! Had a bit of trouble signing in for a while, but got it all worked out. I'm excited to be a part of Specktra. Can anyone tell me where I can view "old" looks for some past MAC collections, specifically "Cocktail" "Dolled Up" and "Huetopia". I checked Legacy Collection, but it just...