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    What would cause this?

    Hi, makeupbyomar ! So strict replay from you I got, why? It is human nature to say something that is on the mind, so I said what I know from my human point of view... And more, this is not a simple situation when the product in such a condition is received. Who is responsible for that? I don't...
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    What would cause this?

    Hello Malimar, this a new package so don't unbox it. Whether it's heat or cold, the product can be returned or refunded. I am working with some cosmetics shipping and sometimes, even for the best shipping criers, just go wrong. Often, as a surprise, the company will refund and leave the product...
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    Which would you choose and why?

    I would use lipstick also, a matte one. Because of the face mask for Covid. That shiny look worth nothing when putting on a mask and then removing it. Around the month the stains of lip liquid look weird. Better avoid that. So I would use dry lipstick.