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  1. leenybeeny

    FOTD Overload!!! Pic heavy

    Here are some looks from the last week Sweet Lust Teal pigment Romping Feline e/k Peacocked e/l Peacocky g/l Giddy l/s Funtabulous l/g Rose Quartz blush Sweet & Shy glimmershimmer Chartru paint Penny s/s Rose Blanc Golden Olive pigment Bronze BeneFit Gilded Rosemary &...
  2. leenybeeny

    Gimme one more time, one more wine...

    It's been a while.. but here is an FOTD I did last month I got a new job.. woohoo!!! miss you guys! Lily White pigment Golders Green pigment Bright Coral pigment Buttery e/k Feline e/k BeneFit Hoola BeneFit Coralista Frenzy l/s Utterly Posh d/g Creamkiss l/l LAMB Perfume
  3. leenybeeny

    The best way to remove acrylic nails?

    I have been doing acrylics for about two years. I love them, but since I am not working now, I can't justify the extra expense. So my question is, do I let them grow out and keep buffing and filing them down, or should I Have them taken off? I am worried with taking them off that the nail...
  4. leenybeeny

    I am so inspired by all of you, FOTD's!

    Flammable paint Bare Canvas paint Cranberry e/s Crimsonette e/s Beauty Marked e/s Mythology e/s Grain e/s Raven e/l Blacktrack f/l BeneFit Hoola Enchantress l/g Revved Up pigment (on lips) Soar l/l Cubic Blush I have to show off the necklace in this pic. It was made for...
  5. leenybeeny

    Oopsie FOTD

    Here's another where I didn't write down what I used..
  6. leenybeeny

    My "lay me off why dontcha?!" face ;)

    Yes, this is what I looked like the day I went into work and they laid me off. Buggers. Look how happy I looked in the morning. Booo!!!! Perky Paintpot Jest e/s Sushi Flower e/s Fly-by-Blu liner Bang on Blue e/s Blu-Noir e/s Romping e/s Blacktrack Fluidine BeneFit HighBrow...
  7. leenybeeny

    The lips of time, they kiss again...

    Hello beautiful beauteous beauties! I am in a very good mood.. as I finally got a call back from a company I applied with (I got laid off two weeks ago). They left me a message, and I left them a message... so hopefully I will hear from them tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! Anyways, I have been kind of...
  8. leenybeeny

    I think we are so lucky

    I got some horrible news today.. one of my old coworkers killed himself on Good Friday. He always seemed to be such a happy upbeat person. He was very popular at work, had a beautiful family, everyone adored him. But obviously he had something dark going on inside that no one knew about. I...
  9. leenybeeny

    In every heart, there is a room.. a sanctuary safe and strong... (pic heavy)

    Some looks from last week.. Hubby and I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Quebec. I hope you all had a great Easter!! FACE: Studio Fix Fluid NC30 BeneFit Hoola Gingerly blush EYES: Hot & Sour Paint Estee Lauder Truffle Quad Power Surge e/k Orpheus e/k Estee Lauder...
  10. leenybeeny

    My hands are small I know...

    Here's me yesterday.. my hair is finally getting longer... woohoo! I feel like I have been trying to grow it out forever!!! Now it's in that wierd growing out stage.. I can't wait for long locks again FACE: StudioFix Fluid NC30 Select Coverup Green Paula’s Choice Sheer Pressed...
  11. leenybeeny

    Makeup and the Weather

    Do you find that you do your makeup differently based on the weather? It is piss pouring rain here today and I stayed away from a fun bright look and went for a subtle wash of Jest and Girlie, with no eyeliner, and some lipgloss. But if it was sunny, I know I would have wanted to do something...
  12. leenybeeny

    I was a good girl today....

    ...and I wrote down what I used CC always welcome and HELP with my brows. They look soooo silly.. I am trying to find the right colour to fill them in and everything looks so brown.. but when I try black it seems so harsh. Maybe I am just not used to it yet? FACE: Studio Fix...
  13. leenybeeny

    Okay, I suck!

    I really need to get in the habit of writing down what I used. I do need desperate help with filling in my brows though. I have never filled them in before so any advice on the colour to use and technique would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying different things. And CC always welcome!!
  14. leenybeeny

    More sneaky, sneaky at my desk

    Another FOTD at my desk.. didn't write down what I used here. New dog = early morning walks = no time :P But she is soooo worth it!!!
  15. leenybeeny

    Spending a day in Montreal - What to do there?

    Hi everyone! Hubby and I are going to Mt Tremblant for Easter weekend, but we will be spending Good Friday in Montreal. I am hoping that because it's touristy that most places will be open on the holiday. I would love some suggestions as for some fun things to see and do, as well as great...
  16. leenybeeny

    FOTD pics snuck in at my desk ;)

    I took a few pics of a look I did the other day with my phone, so they aren't very good quality. Hmm, my face must be made of stone.. those are two totally different pics. hehe MUFE HD Foundation HD Powder Pinch O Peach Blush White Chromaline Gesso Bitter Big T Blacktrack I can't...
  17. leenybeeny

    FOTD pics snuck in at my desk ;)

    I took a few pics of a look I did the other day with my phone, so they aren't very good quality.
  18. leenybeeny

    Birthday look and some others..

    Here was what I wore on my 32nd birthday.. eek! FACE: MUFE HD 140 BeneFit LemonAid Avon Bronzer Style Blush EYES: Primary Yellow Chromaline Gold Dusk Pigment Melon Pigment D'Bohemia e/s Orange e/s Peacocked glitter liner Blacktrack Fluidline LIPS: Creamkiss liner Meltdown lipstick...
  19. leenybeeny

    "Fake" Hello Kitty looks :)

    I didn't buy anything from Hello Kitty, but I printed off all of the facecharts, so have been trying to recreate the looks with what I already have. Here are a couple: "Cute-ster" Face: BeneFit "that gal" primer Studio Fix Fluid NC30 BeneFit Lemon Aid Smashbox PhotoOp under eye...
  20. leenybeeny

    Olive Juice

    Here's me today... FACE: MAC StudioFix Fluid NC30 Clinique Finishing Powder Tenderling Blush Eyes: Golden Olive pigment Juiced Rosemary & Thyme e/k Teddy e/k Swiss Chocolate LashBlast Lips: Auburn liner Avon Buttered Rum l/s