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  1. magenta

    Quad Prices

    What's the price on pre-made quads when they're released? I looked on the price list, but couldn't find it. Canadian and US prices would be helpful as well...thanks!
  2. magenta

    Similar permanent colour?

    Hey there. I was just wondering what permanent e/s would be closest to Gingersoft in the Olive eye palette from this years holiday collection. Also, is there a colour close to Satin Taupe, but maybe in a matte or satin finish? Or, what is a good neutralish colour in a similar family in a...
  3. magenta

    juicy tubes smell

    i bought my first juicy tube today, in fruity pop after loving it on lah_knee. anyways, i noticed it had a slight plasticky smell when i first used it, but after squeezing out a little bit more it mostly went away. is it rancid? or do juicy tubes just smell a little different? i might be used to...
  4. magenta

    Skinfinish + bad skin?

    I have fairly crummy skin, acne prone and what not. i also have largeish pores on my cheeks, and i tend to have blemishes there as well. would the shimmer of the skinfinish make this more obvious?
  5. magenta

    Summer Foundation

    hey there girls! i'm looking for a new foundation to use in the summer. i currently use select spf 15, but i find that the liquid texture only makes my conbination skin more oily in the summer. i tend t lean towards oily with only a bit of dryness around my nose, chin and hairline. i need...
  6. magenta

    MAC live chat hepcat vs leisuretime

    info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in M·A·C Cosmetics. My name is Andrea. How may I assist you? Christina: hi. i was wondering how close leisuretime eyeshadow from belle azure is to hepcat? i already have hepcat, and they seem similar based on pictures. Andrea: Hey Christina, they are...
  7. magenta

    flitter vs euroflash

    Flitter - vibrant violet with red/gold pearl Euroflash - magenta with low level white pearl how close are these actually? does anyone have any idea? i havent seen eoruflash yet in pics or other wise, but the swatches make thems eem similar to me.
  8. magenta

    foundation pumps

    does the foundation pump fit select spf 15 bottles, and is it worth it? i hate always having to pour out my foundation to use it, i feel like i'm wasting it.