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  1. Miracat

    MAC foundations being discontinued

    Hi, according to the US website, Mac is d/cing Select Tint, Studio Mist and Hyper Real SPF. It doesn't say this on the UK website but presumably it is only a matter of time. I've e-mailed MAC to ask if they are being replaced or reformulated but I've been waiting for a reply for well over a...
  2. Miracat

    Studio Fix Fluid in the UK?

    Hi Does anyone know when Studio Fix Fluid and the new concealor are coming out in the UK? Thanks.
  3. Miracat

    Catherine Deneuve colours??

    I really wonder which colours will feature in the Catherine Deneuve Icon collection. She is such a beautiful woman and her makeup is always lovely. I'm excited! Has anyone had sneak peeks?
  4. Miracat

    Help me fill an e/s 4 pan, read on....

    I already have White Frost and a liner colour, which colours would look good on green/blue eyes. Looking forward to your replies, thanks in advance!
  5. Miracat

    Help, has my favourite blusher gone forever?

    Has Angel blush been discontinued? Someone on MUA said it had been, but it's still on the website. I'm looking forward to the answer! Thanks in advance. Nicola
  6. Miracat

    New Moisturecover concealor

    Hi all Has anyone tried the new Mac concealor? I know it's out in some stores in the US according to MUA. Thanks in advance! Nicola