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  1. Shepherdess

    Is this Modern Mandarin blush fake? Please help!

    Hiya guys Just recently bought modern mandarin from ebay as I missed it when it was released, assuming it wasnt a fake at its part of a limited editon line, however whenever I compare it to my other blushes that I've got from mac directly it looks somewhat suspicious. The thing that caught...
  2. Shepherdess

    Shepherdess' first haulage pictures!

    Hey guys, I love browsing the haul pictures so thought it'd be nice if I shared too Hopefully you'll be able to see more haulages from me in future . I brought: -Black ore pigment clusters (I'm going back for a back up and for the rest of them, these are sooo gorgeous!) -Pink Grapefruit...
  3. Shepherdess

    Counterfeit Barbie products?

    Hi guys, I really need your help deciding whether or not these two blushes are fake. I recently purchased them off of ebay and received them today in the mail. I absolutely adore the barbie line and unfortunately missed out so I decided to go ahead and buy both blushes. When I opened the...
  4. Shepherdess

    Last of heatherette and fafi on site

    The last of heatherette and fafi are on site under goodbyes. Get them quickly before they're gone -All 3 dolls are up -Heatherette trio 1 -Heatherette trio 2 -Heatherette beauty powder -She's bad lashes -Style minx lipglass -lola devine nail laquer
  5. Shepherdess

    Blue brown eyeshadow?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if mac did an eyeshadow version of the blue brown pigment. Or if there are any other brands out there that do a similar colour? TIA XxXx
  6. Shepherdess

    Beauty powder blushes, which ones?

    Hi all I need some recommendations for the beauty powder blushes, they all look so gorgeous but I cannot make my mind up. I usually wear apricot/ peach colours and sometimes pinks. They all look so gorgeous but I cannot decide! I already brought joyous, but I'm not sure if I should be...
  7. Shepherdess

    MAC Beauty powders

    Hi everyone, Im not sure this is the right place to post this! I was just wondering if anyonehad tried the beauty poweders that have just been released at the pro stores? If so, what do y'all make of them? Do they make a good highlighter for the cheek bones. Thank you!
  8. Shepherdess

    Hi! Greetings from london!

    Hi everyone, Im shepherdess, Im from london, and have just recently become a mac addict! Mac in the UK is way more pricey than the US, which sucks! Ive recently been hooked on you tube tutorials that have helped me decide which products to choose. I love the barbie loves mac collection...