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    Are these brushes fake?

    I was just wondering if this was fake I have asked for closer pictures but while i was waiting i thought i would ask you guys as you probably know better than me *Huge Various MAC Brush Lot of 28* - eBay (item 280292155804 end time Dec-12-08 23:19:02 PST)
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    2 Eotd

    1. This was just a result of creative boredom I used: MAC studio finish concealer as a base MAC white frost e/s MAC carbon e/s Barry m 85 + 20 MAC power point in engraved (that i hate - it just slides off my waterline =[) Definalash Pink Glitter Gosh grey eyeshadow (not sure of name) I...
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    First FOTD...Well EOTD :D

    Eyes: Barry M eyeliner 13 Mac Bitter e/s Mac Chrome yellow e/s 2 blues from no7 palette Mac White frost e/s Body shop e/s (dont know number/name) its a white with gold reflects MAc eyeliner engraved Definalash Sorry its not my best CC very welcome
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    Didn't know who else to turn to :[

    You might have seen me post here before i don't do it much - ive kind of lurked reading all your kind help and suggestions. Lately we have been having some family issues and its all beginning to get a bit much for me and evryone knows me as the person who can handle anything, i want to tell my...
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    Pink/Blue/Yellow (The result of bordem) :D

    Deleted Post
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    Blue yellow green

    Deleted post
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    Rainbow Look

    Deleted post
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    Opinions please :D

    YouTube - Tropical Look - Barry M Gosh Mac I know i can do better but i would love some feedback <3 xx
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    Newbie :D

    Hey im melissa i absolutely LOVE Mac and anything colourful I live in the uk Id like to think i know a fair amount about make up but i might get stuff wrong so yeah go easy on me =] xx