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  1. Chajleen

    Hi all. Im newbie!

    Let's make a newbie club :shakehands:
  2. Chajleen

    Simple, easy way to clean your make-up brushes.

    To wash brushes with natural bristles, use gentle products. To clean these brushes, I take the same products as for washing my hair. Take a regular shampoo (baby shampoo is often recommended) and dilute it in warm water - this solution will easily rid the brushes of any dirt, and then leave them...
  3. Chajleen

    Tactile contact in the work of a makeup artist 👈👉

    I often hear makeup artists apply some cream textures with their hands, arguing that the product "warms up" and applies better. I think using hands (even with gloves) to apply products to a client's face is incorrect. The only assumption is applying a glare with a finger to the center of the...
  4. Chajleen

    Hi everybody💕 I am a newbie here😊

    Thanks! can't add link to my signature😯 fyi links in yours are broken😟
  5. Chajleen

    Hi everybody💕 I am a newbie here😊