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  1. Ashleybubbles83

    WOC - MAC Cremesheen Pearl lipglass/lipstick

    I know these are permanent but did anyone try these out yet? Interested to hear what you think :)
  2. Ashleybubbles83

    anyone use Instagram??

    as far as i know, Instagram is only available for iphone users, but its basically the Facebook for pictures...way less drama, except when people claim your pics as their own...and i've seen that a lot... anyone here use instagram? add your username here and follow me...
  3. Ashleybubbles83

    WOC - MAC For Daphne Guinness

    Curious to know what WOC are getting from this collection...If anything! And would love to see swatches!
  4. Ashleybubbles83

    WOC - Styledriven

    Anyone snatch up any goodies from this one?!?!
  5. Ashleybubbles83

    Good highlighter shade for WOC

    I might have gotten the wording wrong but I'm looking for advice...whenever I do my eye makeup, I always end up leaving the area just underneath my brows bare...when people do put a color there I think I've heard it referred to as a "highlighter color" and it's usually a matte shade but I could...
  6. Ashleybubbles83

    Sunscreen/Sunblock for WOC

    I was wondering what you WOC used in terms of sunscreen/sunblock when or if you go to the beach or even if you are out in the sun for extended periods of time? I'm going to Vegas next month and in the past i never cared about all that, but as I get older i realize i need to pay attention...
  7. Ashleybubbles83

    Studio Careblend Powders

    i just ordered one of these on a whim... any WOC tried them yet?
  8. Ashleybubbles83

    Work Appropriate Nail Polish

    My job just issued a "grooming standards" handbook with guidelines for our work appearance. The biggest issue discussed was nail color. I was used to having all kinds of fun colors and designs, but now I am limited to solid colors (no more designs, no konading)- red, pink, peach, mauve, white...
  9. Ashleybubbles83

    Moisturelush Face Cream

    Just wondering if any WOC use this/tried this??? I'm NW50, pretty normal skin, oily in summer, dry in winter... But since San Diego doesn't know what kind of weather it wants to have (you know, rain in July, only 1 week of heat in August, damn near cold in September), I've gotta be...
  10. Ashleybubbles83

    Marc Jacobs limited edition summer splashes

    anyone tried these??? i was told that the pomegranate, apple and biscotti scents were exclusive only to nordstrom but then i've checked other high end stores and they are available there too... apple and pomegranate are amazing! they are all $68 but their 10 fl oz each...a pretty good...
  11. Ashleybubbles83

    WOC: Blush Ombres from Spring Colour Forecast

    ok WOC, be real with me. in your opinion, which blush ombres are must haves? i need to know now before i offer my left leg for ripe peach... thanks in advance!
  12. Ashleybubbles83

    Forum to report swaplifters??

    Hi there, i was recently swaplifted on the mac cosmetics community on live journal. this was my first time being swaplifted, and because the seller was actually in contact with me, i didn't want to think i was being swaplifted, but apparently she had promised items to other girls in the...
  13. Ashleybubbles83

    Charged Waters

    i have the revitalizing energy and youth aura (i think) and i've used them a few times... i still don't really know what to think of them. anyone else have them? what do you think?
  14. Ashleybubbles83

    lurker no more!

    i've already started posting in a few threads but i figure i should introuduce myself at the good ol' welcome forum! my name's ashley, i'm 24, and i'm from san diego, born and raised, tried to disappear for 5 years for college and still managed to get back here. san diego's a cool city, i have...