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  1. heidik

    is there a sale/swap section here?

    since i've found this forum i've been addicted. But i was curious is there a sale/swap section? if there is can someone point me in that direction please :) thank you
  2. heidik

    i'm in love with Lorac E/S.. omgosh!

    ok so I took a little trip to Sephora today and picked up the Lorac palette, i believe its called private affair? OMGosh, these eyeshadows are the most pigmented shadows I have ever used... wow! I am so impressed.. I don't hear much talk about Lorac, is there a reason??? I have found a new...
  3. heidik

    Pick me 3 e/s to create a brown smokey eye please :)

    so i have tons of "colors" but i never use them. my go to look is a brown smokey eye. I have been using UD naked palette to do so but i'm looking to buy some MAC for this look. so what 3 (or so colors) would I need to create a beautiful brown smokey eye? For reference I have...
  4. heidik

    what color e/s for a brown smokey eye?

    I have tons of eye shadows in "color" but I honestly never use any of them.. I always seem to reach for my naked palette and do a brown smokey eye.. while I love my naked palette i'm looking to either get some new shadows from MAC or maybe MUFE ( i want something with good color pay off and...
  5. heidik

    hello everyone

    I just wanted to take a moment and say how happy i am to have found this site. I am totally addicted to makeup abd there is so much wonderful information here, im so excited to jump right in :) my name is Heidi and im a 39 year old nurse from PA. so HELLO ALL :)
  6. heidik

    Hello From Pittsburgh :)

    Hello Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself I"m a mom of a 4 teenagers and a 3 year old. I have two addictions, clothing for my kiddos and make up for me I have never tried Mac until 3 months ago, Only because I never knew we had a mac counter anywhere close to me. Needless to say I...