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  1. Katja

    Any PostSecret Fans?

    I don't go the blog very often, but I do have a Post Secret book, and everytime someone new comes into my house, they get entranced by it, and they can't put it down. It does stir up some neat conversations. Anybody else have these books??
  2. Katja

    Help me pick 2 (only two) MAC e/s.

    I am Back2Mac-ing 1 of them, but I have money for *gasp* 1 more. (I'm on a budget) So here is an eyeshadow list I compiled: Bitter Chrome Yellow Humid Moon's Reflection Beautiful Iris Gorgeous Gold Carbon Please help me decide on which 2 to pick. I would also like suggestions on which...
  3. Katja

    Hypocrites make me mad in my pants.

    Quick petulant rant: So my co-worker comes into the office this morning, and I'm in the process of putting on my makeup. Then she starts talking about how makeup has toxins and how bad it is for you (and as she was saying this I was not getting super offended because she is entitled to state...
  4. Katja

    What would you name YOUR MAC collection?

    Hey ladies, I thought it would be fun and creative if we came up with our OWN ideas for a MAC collection... You don't have to go all out or anything, you can even just make up names and shades for certain products. I would want an Astrological-type themed collection! (oh, and I don't...
  5. Katja

    Major Major Haulage.

    So I went to the MAC shop on Saturday. I totally came out of there with a HUGE HAUL, like OMG!!!! M-A-C-(K) Who do we appreciate!?!?! Paradisco e/s and Cranberry e/s!! *I'm no cheerleader. But I don't have anything against them.
  6. Katja

    What is your next purchase?

    So gals, what is on your 'to-get' list?? Or what perfumes are you interested in smelling? For me, I would like to pick up Armani Mania, Philosophy Falling in Love, and possibly Lolita Lempicka. I would love to try Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb. I smelled it coming out of Nordstrom, and it...