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  1. reesesilverstar

    So, what shade am I now?

    Hey guys, So it's just over a couple months since I gave birth and my foundation's off again. I was using Colorstay cappuccino and Pur Minerals deeper but they're too dark for me... Help, please? I took 3 pics, one of me indoors, in the doorway and one outside to give you guys an idea. Oh and...
  2. reesesilverstar

    Follow the Election Results here!

    Hey guys, For those of us who won't venture too far from the computer, C-Span has running coverage of the Election results from 7pm - 2am ET. You can view it here. Click on the "Play" button. MSNBC also has the ticker thingie, but you're gonna hafta hit the "Refresh" button ON the page. View...
  3. reesesilverstar

    Glitter - How to remove safely?

    Hey everyone, So I've been experimenting with different ways of removing glitter, but I'm just curious if anybody has a method that doesn't get glitter into their eyes, or scrub off their eyelids... RIght now, I put cold cream on, grab a q-tip and try to remove what's closest to the...
  4. reesesilverstar

    Urban Decay Adore = Sea & Sky (Solid Side)

    Does anybody have both and can do a comparison please... I'm curious, cuz they look real close to me, but I can't show my swatch since I can't find my dumb camera for 2 wks now since I've moved... Thanks, you guys...
  5. reesesilverstar

    For the NC45's

    Hey guys, I've been searching for info pertaining to us NC45's and it's kinda hard. So I figured I'd just start a thread where we could exchange ideas, give recc's and stuff. I mean, MUA's prescribe this shade to most of us anyway, why the heck not have our own thread for it! Happy posting...
  6. reesesilverstar

    Lurking for the Longest

    Hey guys, I've been on here a few times, posted a couple, but never intro'd myself (or did I?) Anyhoo, HIII!!! Just figuring my way around the whole makeup thingie, and looking for whatever help I can get.