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  1. happy*phantom


    Hey folks! Wanted to share some impressions of two medieval markets I visited in Dortmund and Cologne this summer. Believe me, it was fun and I won't forget the unbelievable atmosphere. You know, it's like a sudden time travel. Besides, there are a lot of shopping opportunities for ladies. Ok...
  2. happy*phantom

    All that glitters...

    I made some jewellery for me. Henestly, I need some variety (though I have too many). I love these earrings because I haven't seen similar pieces yet. What do you think? Btw, I'd like to encourage you to show your handmade jewellery! Sorry for the blurred pics but my crappy cam is a...
  3. happy*phantom

    Kitsch or decorative material

    My friend will celebrate her b-day and IK thought of soing something creative for her. I know that she likes my selfmade stuff, so I don't have to go to shopping. I'm too busy for it. Wanna see her presents? Hearts for the window: A flying cat as candleholder: Roses as table napkin holder...
  4. happy*phantom

    Art Attack ;)

    Well, ladies, I'm surprised by the fact that my creative vein is bleeding again. The topic of my "oeuvre" is the woman and her different facets. Well, all of the famous artists showed their male perspective. I'll show a more female perspective. It isn't a very innovative act (remember Cindy...
  5. happy*phantom

    My new designer bag

    Hi folks! I bought a designer bag last week. I really love it. It's made by a young and unknown German designer and I like her fashion and accessories a lot. So what do you think? Is it nice or just rubbish?:confused:
  6. happy*phantom

    New Presents for a good friend

    self-made and absolutely unique coz they are my own creations. so have a look at them and if you want some instruction i can help. btw, the angel isn't an x-mas-angel. it's simply a cute guardian angel (Schutzengel in German). does anybody believe in them?
  7. happy*phantom

    Pay attention! Creativ stuff inside!

    Hi luvly gals, I wanted to show you a b-day present for my friend Thalia (she's a sexy Greek goddess ). She loves earrings and I made her some unique ones. Ok, the true reason is that I'm broke. Hey, so, what?!? I'm just a girl. Wanted to see them? Here they are... If you've some quessies with...
  8. happy*phantom

    Creative interlude part 2

    Sorry if I get on your nerves... But I have to add the pix of the 2 other pieces of my "rotten ribbons"-collection...Those are 2 bracelets. Btw, don't take the advertisement too seriously, it's only a joke.
  9. happy*phantom

    Creative interlude

    Howdy my dear specktesses! I always wanted to show you my selfmade jewellery. It's a small collection (I gave the collection a name: rotten ribbons...yes, I'm a weird lass) but I guess, it will grow step by step. Do you remember my poor "Non MAC"-FOTD [...
  10. happy*phantom

    A Non MAC FOTD- so don't ask! ;)

    Honestly, just kidding...Finally I'm brave enough to show you beautiful ladies my style. Hope, you survive it. BTW, I don't like my hair...
  11. happy*phantom


    Hi y'all!Nice greetings from Germany!Guess what!!!I'm also into beauty and make-up and I discovered this great site by means of a very effective word-of-mouth recommendation.Wowie,I've already noticed that there are a lot of admirable mistresses of perfect make-ups among us!You rule,gals !Hope...