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  1. bellaconnie80


    Hello ladies, I went to my CCO yesterday and I got six new brushes including the 136 and the 150.. ofcourse I just had to see them and love on them one more time before I drove off lol and I noticed that the 136 says France at the end of the handle and the 150 says Japan at the end of its...
  2. bellaconnie80

    "My baby loves me!!" HAUL

    This is out July haul We went to the CCO, MAC store, Sephora, Nordstroms, and Stuart Weitzman
  3. bellaconnie80

    Hair Help Plz!!!

    Hey girls!! I'm multiracial (white, black, Inca) I spend an hour straightening out my super curly hair, it comes out straight and smooth and awesome lol but then as soon as I start to sweat or the humidity hits it, my hair will start to curl and friz again I want to add some clip on extensions...