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  1. beauteblogueur

    MAC Blue Nectar June 2nd/ June 9th 2016

    Doo-Wop on top, Invite Intrigue on the bottom. Doo-Wop is lighter and brighter, invite Intrigue is a bit more muted and purple leaning.
  2. beauteblogueur

    MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick (May 12/10 2016)

    These already came out in Australia. I picked up Lilacked and Iris Eyes. So far I'm really liking them. They aren't as pigmented as cream shadow sticks from Laura Mercier, By Terry etc. but they build up nicely. I wore Lilacked today, no primer, and it lasted the full day, even through my...
  3. beauteblogueur

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    I have all of those so I thought I'd compare them! L-R: Burnished Copper, Veruschka, Green Iron. BC has more golden olive to it, while Veruschka is a bit more silvery and Green Iron is a touch lighter/brighter, but they aren't that different on the eye. All similarly pigmented, similar...
  4. beauteblogueur

    Burberry Beauty

    I caved and bought the white shade today. Glad I did, it's very pretty and the formula is much better than the last couple of highlighters Burberry's released. L-R: Burberry S/S White, Burberry Nude Radiance, Becca Pearl, Chanel Camelia de Plumes, Dior Glowing Pink Pearl is pretty close. The...
  5. beauteblogueur

    All Things Beautylish

    I got my Natasha Denona palettes today! Palette 1 Palette 10 Palette 12 The shadows are gorgeous. The metallics and the glitter shades are amazing, so intense with one swipe. The mattes are more like pressed pigments, super pigmented. I really don't like the packaging though. It...
  6. beauteblogueur

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Just remembered I never posted the pics I took of my latest Boys! Taken in full sunlight, (they don't look so shimmery indoors). Austin, Ansel, Jake, Demsey, Michael Egon, Vladimir, Roman, Theo, Daniel Daniel vs. So Vain Daniel is sheerer and doesn't have the chunky gold glitter, but...
  7. beauteblogueur

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    I got my first Boys order yesterday: L-R: Louis, Jude, Malik, Drake and Jay. Taken in full sunlight. I love the finish of these. They're metallic, but they only look frosty up close (as in when you're sitting in front of a mirror applying them). From a slight distance they just look like...