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  1. debsjc

    Anyone collect older MAC postcards/ promo material?

    I have these, which I would like to sell. I am open to reasonable offers. I'm in the UK, but will consider posting internationally as long as the postage is covered. There are 2 x Novel twist/ Nordstrom Leaflets (USA I think) 1 x Untamed + Rockocco (2 postcards together) with UK prices on 1 x...
  2. debsjc

    What was the retail price on the Zandra items?

    Could anyone please remind me what the retail price of the Zandra eye palette and Z 'swirly' lip glosses were? TIA
  3. debsjc

    Has anyone seen this before?

    I haven't ever seen these colours before, and I have no idea if they are real or fake, or discontinued? Any info would be appreciated
  4. debsjc

    Very strange pigment colours

    I have a feeling these are more fakes, pigments in 'Lilac' 'Sandy' and 'Charcoal'
  5. debsjc

    This does not look right to me

    I may be wrong, but this does not look like Copper (metallic) pigment to me -
  6. debsjc

    Studio Finish Loose Powder?

    I have some Studio Finish loose face power which I received in a swap, it's NW20. I can't see this on the MAC website now, only the Studio Finish Pressed powder, has it been discontinued does anyone know please? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I have looked around the site and could...
  7. debsjc

    Hello from a Uk newbie

    I thought after so many weeks lurking I should say Hi. I've been using MAC for about a year now, and seem to get more addicted each week. I have so much stuff now I can't even get around to using it all, and still I buy more! Anyway thanks for the great site, i love catching up on all the up...
  8. debsjc

    MAC at Singapore Airport - Advice please

    I have a friend who has offered to pick me up a couple of things from the MAC store at Singapore airport on her way through in a couple of weeks. Could anyone please advice me if they sell pigments, as MAC at Heathrow airport does not. Also if there are any Asia exclusives out at the moment I...