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  1. electrostars

    ISO Colourpop Super Shock Shadows and other items

    I am ISO of the following Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. You can also try me on other Colourpop items but these are what I definitely am ISO of. :) 3 8 Track* A little Quarky Amaze Arrow As You Wave BAMF* Bandit Beverly Bill Bravery* Central Perk...
  2. electrostars

    In Search of a DUPE for an LE /discontinued MAC Product

    Hello! I am currently looking for a "dupe" of the NEXT TO NOTHING eyeshadow that was in the Smoking Eyes quad that came out with the Smoking Signals collection in 2007. It is described as Cream white with pink pearl (frost). Anyone have any suggestions for something similar? MAC or otherwise...
  3. electrostars

    My Sales Thread :)

    Shipping anywhere in the USA will be $3.50 for the first 2 items and 50¢ for each additional item. Feedback on MUA - 202 postive. Sdf;djfFeedbackFeeT MAC Hello Kitty Eyeshadows (Taken from the Lucky Tom palette) Lucky Tom (Lustre) - $10 Creme Royale (Veluxe Pearl) - $10 MAC Rhubarb Blush Pan -...
  4. electrostars

    Roswell (the TV show)

    I recently just started watching Roswell on Netflix and I'm in love with this show. I was just wondering if anyone else on here has seen this show? It's like Twilight meets the Vampire Diaries, but with Aliens instead. haha. Any other fans out there? :)
  5. electrostars

    Dry Martini Nail Polish

    I know some people are probably not liking Dry Martini nail polish. However, I like it a lot....but I had a brilliant idea today and I decided to see if it would look good. haha..and it I thought I'd share with you guys. Reflects Antique Gold over Dry Martini is freakin' HOT.
  6. electrostars

    Contour Color

    Hey Everyone. I'm an nw20 in MAC foundation and I've been using Strada blush as a contour. It doesn't really show up at all on me so I was wondering what else I could try? Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. electrostars

    Pinkish & Purple Smokey Eye

    This is my first video tutorial. YouTube - Pink & Purple Smokey Eye The list of products that I used: Urban Decay Primer Potion MAC Pink Freeze MAC Sushi Flower MAC Moth Brown Urban Decay AC/DC MAC Fig 1 MAC Vellum Black Black Chromaline MAC P&P Skin MAC NW20 SFF MAC Strada Blush MAC...
  8. electrostars

    FOTD from May 30th lol

    This is what I was sportin' when I was walking around Chicago last weekend. What I am wearing: UDPP Pink Freeze on the lid Sushi Flower in the crease and above the crease Moth Brown in the crease and outer V UD Ac/Dc over the moth brown in the crease Beautiful Iris in the middle of...
  9. electrostars

    St. Patrick's Day FOTD

    What was used: face: Mufe Green HD primer MAC P&P Skin MSF Natural in Light Desirious Blush Strada Lightscapade eyes: udpp bitter pickle lucky green fiction gorgeous gold your ladyship penultimate smolder lips: utterly frivolous tenderbaby tendertone
  10. electrostars

    Rumors I'm a hearin' about MSFs. :)

    A friend of mine who works for MAC heard from a Trainer that Pleasureflush & Stereo Rose are being repromoted within a year for the Mineralized Line. So we can finally see what the hooplah about these two msfs is all about if/when they do re-release them. I hope that it is true, because I've...
  11. electrostars

    Hello Kitty MAC Sweepstakes?!

    I went to the site to look at the Hello Kitty collection cuz I couldn't remember what I DIDN'T buy from the collection(which isn't very much..cuz I spent way more than I should've. :P) and I saw something about a HELLO KITTY SWEEPSTAKES?! lol. M·A·C Cosmetics | Hello Kitty Mild | look above...
  12. electrostars

    MAC palette pouch/carrying case thing? lol.

    I don't know what exactly to call this thing, but I recently bought it from a sale and it holds 4 15-pan palettes or 8 4-pan palettes..and I was wondering if this is a real thing that MAC made at one time? If so, when did they stop making it? This is what it looks like: Thanks.
  13. electrostars

    Some online LOLZ for you guys.

    I'm so STUPID. Here's some lolz for you. I was just looking at the MAC website, checking shit out..just cuz it's all new and fancy and stuff..and I had stuff in my shopping bag, cuz I always add stuff to my bag even if I don't really plan to buy anything. lol...I was looking at the "checking...
  14. electrostars

    I get disgusted with myself everytime I do this. lol.

    I'm bored, so I took collection pictures. It's not of EVERYTHING..but MOST everything. It's downright disgusting when you pile all of your makeup together and realize how much you really own. XD Ben Nye Eyeshadows: Azalea, Amethyst, & Tangerine NYX Hot Pink & Purple shadow Pencils Too...
  15. electrostars

    kill hannah(not montana. lol), anyone?

    Hey. I was just wondering if there were others on these boards who liked Kill Hannah? I saw them 3 times last week and it brought out the fangirl in me that went into hiding a few years ago. HAHAH. I've been a HUGE fan for years...
  16. electrostars

    FOT...last night?

    FOT...last night.. So, I haven't posted an FOTD in a longgggg time.. so here is one from last night. I went to the Kill Hannah show last night in Grand Rapids, MI..and it was awesome...... I've seen them like 25+ times, I've lost track..and it's just never enough..I also saw them the night...
  17. electrostars

    NYC Pro & Ben Nye Haul :)

    Well... I've been in NYC since Monday night...I was supposed to fly back home today but my flight got cancelled due to the weather this morning...funny thing was sunny out around the time my plane was supposed to take off. BITCHES. So, I got to stay in NYC one more day/night. Good thing...
  18. electrostars

    Sex & The City tour of NYC....and other NYC stuff..

    My birthday is coming up!!! My birthday present to myself is a trip to NYC in 10 days and I'm a huge fan of SATC and I was wondering if anyone here has been on the Tour? Is it worth it? What did you see/like/dislike about it? I can't wait. it's my first time to NYC. I'm so glad I bought my...
  19. electrostars

    Some interesting info on California Dreamin' I got..

    Someone on MUA sent this to me with a swap request for my california dreamin' lipstick: I did talk to a MAC rep today who indicated that 90,000 of these were given away and that they do feel they will release the color eventually nationwide (it was a marketing ploy) I don't know if it's...
  20. electrostars

    Past FOTDs...

    I guess I found my calling on youtube doing spoof makeup tutorial type videos.. LOL. Because I've made a couple of videos that are hardy har har makeup related.. DD I keep getting feedback from people on here telling me to do a new video..haha.. so anyhow, I guess..before I do start doing my...