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  1. ninjakotte

    fake or dif editions?

    I have bought pigments from two diffrent reliable sources here on specktra, but when i compared them they look verry different :/ one is a lot more..goldtoned so to say then the other.. (i noticed the diff even before i compared since golden olive is a fave) (i also noticed a bit of dif in the...
  2. ninjakotte

    newbee from sweden

    Hi! My name is sara, im 24 (soon 25 gosh!) I live in sweden, and im a MAC-addict well, i have never EVER been intereested in makeup until verry recently when a friend (ourity here on spektra) introduced me to mac-pigsamples, i thought of as a...
  3. ninjakotte

    The body needs

    Hi! I was just wondering if you mac-xperts can tell me if her samples are the real deal? (Ihope so sinca i have a couple of them >_>)