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  1. Mabelle

    Building my Bridal Kit

    Hey Ladies, So I'm starting to free lance this summer, and one of my gigs is a wedding in September. Bride, 5 brides maids and the mother. I'm all set for foundation, concealer, powders, mascara, brow... I'm just wondering about lips, cheeks and eyes! i'll tell you ladies...
  2. Mabelle

    Fixed: Fotd Dump. From Halloween till now. very Pic heavy.

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  3. Mabelle

    My Stash a few years later

    Last time i posted my stash was... 1.5-2 years ago. Ive defanitly aquried some new products, but ive also given a fair amount away, so i dont know how much its grown in size! anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure! My MALM vanity sans mirror. Palettes...
  4. Mabelle

    Overdrawn everywhere

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  5. Mabelle

    Soooo, what do we think?

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  6. Mabelle

    false lash recommndation

    Ive been oggling these pics since may, and now that we're doing a lash event, i want to re create the look! So im looking for 2 sets of lashes, top and bottom to re create this look.
  7. Mabelle

    It's been a while... 3 fotds (pic heavy)

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  8. Mabelle

    Need you opinion...

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  9. Mabelle

    Thinking of going brunette

    Hi ladies. I need some help. I'm thinking of going back to brown hair. I know, blashemy! But i've had the red for a year and a half, and it's just so much upkeep. Also, i find that with the red hair sometimes it makes my skin look funny somedays. Anyway, I'm the kind of person that thinks...
  10. Mabelle

    Need Help with a shirt!

    Heya Ladies! I saw this beautiful green blouse a month ago. It's from the up coming New Moon film. I'm not a fan of the twilight...
  11. Mabelle

    Blackened Red fotd (way way pic heavy!)

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  12. Mabelle

    Fire at my work

    I don;t know what to do... There was a fire at my place of work last night around 1 am (my aun't bookstore/coffee shop). It actually started in the parking lot behind the set of buildings (theres a lumber yard at the other side). It was a 5 alarm fire. There are all kinds of apartments on top...
  13. Mabelle

    Dupe and F&F Questions!

    Ok! Soooo way back when it was LE i wanted "Pompous Blue" so badddly. I didn;t get it, and regreted it! I saw an fotd with it today and am totally lusting over it. Does anyone have any recs for a Dupe? Now part two! I'm trying to sort out my list for the f & f sale. Please let me know what...
  14. Mabelle

    Help! Anyone With A Malm Dresing Table!

    I just bought a Malm Dressing table off someone of facebook. Can anyone tell me how is assembled? Is it screws? Is it those stupid black sinker things with the metal pin in between? Please let me know! I need to disassemble it and ill be in a huge hurry! thanks!!
  15. Mabelle

    MAC Makeover + Uncharacteristically Dark eyed Fotd (pic heavy)

    Last Friday was the graduation for the 3rd year students in my program. As we are theatre students, we throw them a Cabaret. It's supposed to be fairly formal, and i wanted to go all out, so i decided to get my makeup done at MAC. These pictures were taken at the end of the night in Bad...
  16. Mabelle

    2 for one. (pic heavy)

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  17. Mabelle

    First FOTD. Purpley :) pretty pic heavy

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  18. Mabelle

    Drew Barrymoore's Lipstick

    Hi Ladies I'm a red lipstick addict. I'm looking for a beautiful deep 1920's shade of red like what Drew Barrymoore is wearing in these photos. I know its deeper than Dubonnet, but don't know if theres anything MAC carried that is similar. It could be from any other brand aswell (although i...
  19. Mabelle

    Penultimate and shadow transfer

    After reading many rave reviews, i hauled ass over to mac and bought the penultimate. I'm pretty happy with it. It's precise. It's quite black (blacker than blacktrack anyway). It stays put. It dries quickly. However!!! my eyeshadow seems to rub off onto it!! I does this to the point where...
  20. Mabelle

    Hair Repair

    Hi Ladies I need some help with recommendations for products to help repair my hair! Here's the story. I used to have dark brown hair with a bleached and occasionally colored panel. (i dont usually look this bitchy) I had been doing this at home for about a year and a bit. Then i decided to...