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  1. Belini

    Ok say you're going on a first date...

    and dont want to look like you're wearing too much makeup but you still want to look nice. I was thinking brown matte's and my friend who is much fairer uses Brule and Wedge in the crease. But would these same colours dissapear on me if I am darker? I am NC40-NC42. What would be an equivalent...
  2. Belini

    Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner has dried up!

    any ideas on how I can fix it? it's a few months old and I have been careful to always keep th lid closed. It's still 3/4 full and it seems such a waste. I dont think adding water will work, does anyone have any other ideas?? TIA!
  3. Belini

    I dont know how to use Pink Pearl pigment... any ideas?

    I bought it over a year ago and have only used it once. Anyone have any ideas on how to use it? TIA!
  4. Belini

    White Gel Eyeliner??? where can I find one?

    hey guys does anyone know a brand that has a white gel eyeliner? I dont need pencil or crayon, was looking for a gel based one, similar to Bobbi brown and Mac fluidline. thanks
  5. Belini

    Need Urgent Help for an event - photo attached.

    Hey everyone, I need your help, need advice on makeup for an upcoming event. My dress is almost exactly the same as the one attached except mine has 2 thin black straps on it and the bottom is a brighter orange coral colour, the dress in the photo looks more pinkish – coral. I was thinking of...
  6. Belini

    Makeup recommendations for a Lavender Dress?

    It's not dark purple but more a lighter purple/lavender colour. Jewellery will be silver with silver dimonte bangles. Shoes will be a patent cream nude. I dont want to wear purple eyeshadow as I think it may be too purple. The dress is knee length with a V neck and thick straps. I'm NC42 with...
  7. Belini

    What is a good Dazzleglass for summer?

    It's coming into summer soon here in Aus and its getting warm and was wondering if anyone could recommend a dazzleglass to wear in summer?
  8. Belini

    I am confused - what is the process of putting on your face?

    I'm going out tomorrow night and I dont have my makeup colour sorted but anyway, what's the process from coming out of the shower to leaving for makeup for nights out and events? I know its different for everyone but what's the general gist? So for example for work safe days for me its 1)...
  9. Belini

    I need help with some dupes

    hey guys I'm trying to replicate a look done by MissChievous and she used goldenaire pigmant but I dont have it. I tried Vanilla over sushi flower but that didnt work, and also melon, is there a dupe? Here is the look I'm trying - thanks!
  10. Belini

    What is a good gloss to put ontop of Syrup?

    I want it to look "pinker" than what it is on its own. Any suggestions?
  11. Belini

    makeup for a purple cocktail dress...

    Hey everyone, need your help again. I suck at matching my colours and it doesnt help I have so many eyeshadows!! I have a deep purple cocktail dress and I'm hesitant to also go purple on the makeup. Any advice? Jewellery most probably silver or a metallic colour and shoes are a natural colour...
  12. Belini

    3D Silver pigments, are they worth buying?

    I'm trying to do a sparkly look and came across these 3D Silver pigment, I would probably use it to line my upper eye or something. Does anyone have it? thoughts? feedback? is there something else I could use instead maybe?
  13. Belini

    Whats the best highlight over Plum Foolery?

    I'm looking for that extra kick on a night out over PF. I'm NC42. Any suggestions? I dont own any MSF's as they all sold out before I could get my hands on one.
  14. Belini

    What is the best paint pot for neutrals and browns?

    I have painterly but id like a PP that has more brown tones but their are quite a few to choose from. In terms of eyeshadows in browns I have bronze, embark, espresso, satin taupe, mulch. Thanks!
  15. Belini

    What should I match with Lychee Luxe?

    I adore the coral colour but now I have to think of blush and eyes to match. I am NC42, brown eyes and dark brown hair. Olive skin. I "Was" going to buy a sonic chic mineralize blush but if I can match with something I have then that would be great, otherwise if any of you can suggest a...
  16. Belini

    Help me please! Can't figure out makeup for my dress

    Hey ladies, I'm NC 42 Indian girl with brown almond shaped eyes and black long hair and full lips. I have an important event coming up and I have this gorgeous dress but I can't decide on makeup to match. Its basically red - think the colour of redhead matches box or a fire fighters engine and...
  17. Belini

    What MAC makeup is Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai wearing?

    I would love to be able to reproduce it.