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  1. FlaLadyB

    BACK TO BLACK by Kilian --- thoughts!!

    After reading about it in Oprahs magazine and how everyone that smelled it loved it..I am trying to FIND it so I can smell it too...ANYONE give me the low down on this scent??
  2. FlaLadyB

    ANGEL by Thierry Mugler ..comments?

    I have smelled it on the sample page in Nordstroms magazine and loved it! Want to try and get the Angel Star bottle .. Comments??????
  3. FlaLadyB

    WHO lives in Toronto?

    PLEASE PM me.....I have a question and could use your help finding something there. THANKS!
  4. FlaLadyB

    My MAC POSTCARD COLLECTION from 1994 with photos!

    2007- hit the max for this page. Please check at front!! 2006 Catherine Deneuve –Icon- In Mode - all 4 cards-Nordstroms exclusive In Mode –notebooks- Nordstroms exclusive Culturebloom- Feb 2006 Culturebloom Invite Culturebloom promo Culturebloom horizontal Culturebloom disk Viva Glam with Pam...
  5. FlaLadyB

    NEW TRAVEL Collection only at Asia airport? we go again... this is a new one on Ebay....a warm and a cool face palette- ONLY avail at the airport in singapore (which makes no sense).. Would you want it?
  6. FlaLadyB

    PRETTY BOY collection- any pics news????

    Since it's only coming out in special edition..anybody have the pics and info yet?????
  7. FlaLadyB

    Sweetie Cake (images only) March 2006

    Yes...swiped/borrowed from Live Journal --
  8. FlaLadyB

    CHROMGLASS is on the MAC site!

    Doesnt open till the 12th -- but it's on the site NOW!