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  1. JULIA

    DIY skin-care

    Hi everyone! I'm super interested in making my own skin-care potions (like vit. C serums and the like!) and I've found great resources like but that site isn't exactly helpful when it comes to educating you about ingredients, etc. Are there any books or sites out there that...
  2. JULIA

    I want to make my own mineral makeup.

    Hey ladies, Ive tried using far too many mineral foundations without success so now I've decided it'd be best if I just make my own. I am sensitive to mica, bismuth oxychloride, titanium dioxide and talc. All of these ingredients make my skin burn, lips swell and I get little bumps all over my...
  3. JULIA

    So my concealer gave me fine lines.

    I'm 20 years old with super oily skin. Since I hit puberty everyone has told me I should consider myself lucky since I wouldn't have to suffer from severe wrinkles/fine lines thanks to my oily skin. But here I sit with crepey skin under my eyes and I can't stop fretting over it. Why do I...
  4. JULIA

    Alcoholic milkshake?

    Hey everyone, I've got a bottle of Friday's Mudslide sitting around and my boyfriend said it'd be great to make milkshakes with. He's had a stressful day and when he comes home tonight I wanna surprise him with a drink :P Anyone know how I could make a shake with this? Or any...
  5. JULIA

    Is anyone here a lawyer?

    Hi all, My boyfriend has received some very disturbing news and cannot put any truth to the matter until Monday. He's stressed and on the verge of a break-down. I would like to get some information from a lawyer/law student/whoever's familiar with the legal system so I could put...
  6. JULIA


    On Wednesday my boyfriend asked me to spend the night knowing I had a class the next day that started at 10:30 AM. I agreed but soon regretted that decision Thursday morning after I suffered through him snoring and hogging the bed all night. I was tired, I didn't feel well and I was in a bad...
  7. JULIA

    Sheer foundations

    Any recs. for a sheer foundation? It has to be talc, mica and spf free. Or a recommendation for a mineral make-up without those three ingredients would be great, too.
  8. JULIA

    What do YOU think is the right time?

    My birthday is coming up in a few weeks so my boyfriend has taken it upon himself to plan something big. I don't know the specifics of course, but he said it's going to be the best birthday I've ever had. He's a very romantic, thoughtful and sweet person which is what I fell in love with. I...
  9. JULIA

    boyfriend ditching girlfriend

    A co-worker of mine is having boyfriend issues and my boyfriend would like for me to talk to her to see if I could help her out. I've no experience with a situation like this so I'm wondering what you all think of what is going on... So the girl's boyfriend is being a jerk lately. He's spending...
  10. JULIA

    Teen Mom

    Any fans of Teen Mom on here? I'm slightly addicted to the show and was wondering whether or not any one else here was as well Maci + Bentley are my favourite.
  11. JULIA

    Healthy recipes!/jogging

    Hello everyone, Where do you guys find your healthy recipes online? I'd really love some suggestions because I really don't know where to start. I want simple meals that I can prepare for one person and they can't cost an arm and a leg either. It'd be great if these recipes were vegetarian...
  12. JULIA

    I just need comfort.

    I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 months, fyi. So my boyfriend is an absolute sweet-heart and head-over-heels in love with me. When we started seeing each other/dating things were fantastic and going great. However, in the last two months we've been bickering like crazy and that's mostly...
  13. JULIA

    ugh, spf+foundations.

    Am I the only one who seems to have trouble with foundations with SPF? I realized it was the talc in the face products I was using that was making my face itch and I thought that would put an end to the little white bumps that were appearing on my face, too. Now I'm wondering if the SPF in all...
  14. JULIA

    Going to MAC tomorrow...

    Hello! I'm going to MAC for the first time this year and it will most likely be my last trip this year, too (I live 4 hours from the closest counter). I'm obviously going to be super over-whelmed regarding what I should buy so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I'm...
  15. JULIA

    birth control and me

    I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to birth control. I've been taking an oral contraceptive since I was 17 and now I'm almost 20. Pill #1 that I was on was working great until I noticed my hair thinning out. I asked my doctor what was up and he said most likely it was a side-effect...
  16. JULIA

    No make-up

    My skin has been a mess for the last year. Not completely out of control, but it seems as though no matter what I put on my skin I react to it in some capacity. I've decided that now's the time to give my skin a rest so that it will have time to recover before school starts in the fall. I...
  17. JULIA

    Bullied at work (long, please read)

    This will be a long read but I'm desperately seeking some unbiased advice. *history time* The girl in question used to be a great friend of mine, in fact she considered me to be a best friend. However, this girl is incredibly cruel, judgmental and isn't ashamed to tell people she is proud of...
  18. JULIA

    Where can I buy this? Or something like it?

    I am so in love with the skirt on the right. Where can I find it?! Or something like it (a similar skirt would still have to have buttons on it!). Thanks!
  19. JULIA


    Has anyone ever ordered from them before? I'm looking to buy a shirt, but I don't know what their sizing's like. Help!
  20. JULIA

    Body Shop: Honey Moist. Shampoo/static

    So I've tried this product out and I love it! It makes my hair super soft! However...Whenever I try to flat-iron my hair after using this stuff, my hair's suddenly full of static. Has any one else had this problem before? Is there something I can do to prevent the static? Thanks