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  1. weezee

    "Flyer" position?

    Hi there, Have any of you ever worked as a flyer/floater? If so, did you like it? I've been waiting for a p/t position to come open in cosmetics (Macy's) for a few months and there is nothing yet so the manager is going to hire me as a flyer until something else becomes available. I know...
  2. weezee

    Is This The Norm For Macy's?

    Happy New Year! I had applied online for a position at the Clarins counter at Macy's a few days ago. I've never used Clarins so I went down to Macy's to see what they have. I had mentioned to the associate (she was actually the Arden counter manager) that I had applied online and she got...
  3. weezee


    Hi, has anyone ever worked as a Clarins Beauty Advisor? I was just curious as to if you liked it or not? How was the training you received? I applied for a Clarins Beauty Advisor position at Macy's but I've never used their products before. Thanks, Tara