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  1. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NARS Travel brush set

    Hi Ladies, I am so excited and had to share. Neiman Marcus is selling a NARS Travel Brush set with a case, blush, push eyeliner, eye shader, and small domed brush. For those in the US, I noticed free shipping now. Anyone know if it's available at the Bay or Holts in Canada?
  2. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NARS 413 BLKR Collection

    Hi! I'm looking for a good swatch and/or description of the new NARS 413 BLKR eyeshadow.
  3. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NARS Night Series LE palette

    Hi! Anyone get this new palette yet? It's 6 LE Night Series shadows! A must-have for me!!
  4. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NARS Holiday 2011

    Hi! I was just checking out the awesome new NARS Cosmetics site (the US one has switched first) and came across a video in which it showed the Holiday Collection. Swooning over this and the Fall 2011 Collections!!!! Here's a link to the video...
  5. WhatWouldJoanDo

    July 15th the NARS Larger Than Life Long-Lasting Eyeliners are Available!!

    Hi !! I just read that July 15th the Larger Than Life Eyeliners (very long-lasting) named after famous streets will be available!!! Can't wait - 3 days !!!
  6. WhatWouldJoanDo

    Conflict Handbags

    Hi Specktra guys and gals! With regards to makeup many of us are concerned about getting green and/or cruelty free cosmetics and skincare, but I haven't come across anything on Specktra about ethical clothing/accessory/handbags. This week in Forbes there was an article about the...
  7. WhatWouldJoanDo

    Pricey NARS Haul - ouch! but I'm very happy

    Multiples: Riviera and Copacabana Brush: Yachiyo Lips: Bettina lip pencil Loose Powder
  8. WhatWouldJoanDo

    Tom Ford Lipsticks

    Hi! I couldn't find a thread on here about the new set of 12 Tom Ford lipsticks. From my quick 5 minute search I came across swatches, a testimonial that they were long lasting (until lunch), set up as 4 nude shades- 4 bold shades- 4 dramatic shades, one poster thought it was something...
  9. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NARS Makeup Brushes

    I'm so excited. Ok, so I've always bought good makeup brushes; specifically I only own MAC brushes. After what I would describe as a head over heels experience with all things that I try NARs, I recently bought the two makeup brushes that were recommended to me by an international NARs artist...
  10. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NARS Skin

    So, after much success with almost the entire NARS line I fell into, what do you all call it? a NARS haul. A NARS Skin haul to be specific. NARS balancing foam cleanser, NARS hydrating freshening lotion, and NARS balancing moisture lotion ... biting the bullet to improve the "foundation" of all...
  11. WhatWouldJoanDo

    NEW Fall mani trends

    I wanted to share this modern half-moon manicure look with you all. It is something that I am loving right now. So chic!!! image credit: