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  1. star1692

    My Makeover at MAC!!

    So I finally got up the nerve to go in and get a makeover done at MAC!! I cant tell you how freaking nervous and excited I was. My M/U artist was Samantha and she was absolutely the sweetiest and understand person I have ever meet!!! I would love any and all feedback. I haven't done my brows...
  2. star1692

    Another attempt???

    I won't bore you with all the details of this one, only because I don't think I can begin to remember what I used!! HAHAHA Do you think my brows are over done?? I sware I'm trying to improve! Please tell me what you honestly think....I value all you opinions!!!
  3. star1692

    FOTD Green with blacktied

    studio fix in nw20...nc20 studio finish as a base on my eyes summer lily blushcream and pearlizer sheer piggy on my cheeks elizabeth arden pink vibrations l/s and mac damzel l/g on the lips then on my eyes....gloders green and teal piggy and black tied track eyeliner..mac...
  4. star1692

    Corrections made?? Purples!

    Okay girls I tried to take some of the advise given before and I tried my best! I went and had my eyebrows done today too. Are they shaped okay?? What about my makeup any better?
  5. star1692

    My Very First!! EOTD

    First off I cant believe I'm even posting this! I hope I get better sometime soon! Please be honest and tell me what you think. I'm open to suggestions..
  6. star1692

    Growing your hair out

    I was just wondering if anyone had some tips on growing your hair out. Right now my hair is pretty short but its finally starting to gte a little bit of length to it. I'm wanting it to get to at least shoulder length, but I am sooo far from that its unreal. Anyway, and ideas or tips on...
  7. star1692

    Ft Worth Texas

    Just looking for any girls that wanta shopping friend in the area. I'm up for anything so let me know! Hope to hear from someone...
  8. star1692

    Hey girls!

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell you how excited I am that I found this forum!! I don't know very much about make up and want to learn it all soo bad! I hope some day I can do my own make up half as good as some of you girls. Just so you know I am a guy but I love make up and am...