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  1. pinki3

    How can you tell if a Shu Uemura Brush is authentic? Please Help

    I've recently swapped for 2 shu uemura brushes. The 20 and 18R brush. The 18R brush obviously looks like a fake, the hairs are harsh and it sheds like crazy. Plus the 'MADE IN JAPAN:' sign has a colon after it. I'm not sure if that is right. But now I'm wondering if the 20 brush is authentic. Is...
  2. pinki3

    Girly Green eyes with Snobby pink lips ;)

    Check out my first tutorial on this look!! Face: Everyday Minerals Foundation in Original Glo Fairly Light BE multi tasking minerals in Well Rested MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink Nars blush in Desire Eyes: E.L.F shimmering facial whip in pink lemonade Shu Uemura eye shadow in White color as...
  3. pinki3

    Girly Green eyes with Snobby pink lips: 1st tutorial (super pic heavy)

    Hi. Please excuse the butterfly clip on my head and my dorkiness. This is my very first tutorial. Don't judge too hard! Enjoy! Thanks to my friend LuLu for helping me take the pictures. Here is all the stuff I used: Face: Everyday Minerals...
  4. pinki3

    Origins product users please help me!

    Hi. I have mild acne and sensitive skin. My skin is prone to getting oily throughout the day if I don't use mineral makeup. I've heard Origins checks & balances cleanser helped clear up acne on many people (reading reviews on MUA). I was wondering if anyone uses this product? Also what...
  5. pinki3

    Can someone please tell me the answer to this.. Thnx

    Can someone please tell me how much does a pro pan blush cost? and eyeshadows? THanks!!!
  6. pinki3

    5 new mac eye brushes to add to my collection

    I just got 5 new MAC eye brushes! Haven't tried them out yet some of the not so popular ones. Anyone have advice on using it? Like using it w/piggies, shadows, liner, whatever.. Please let me know. thanks! Mac 213, 222, 228, 231, 242
  7. pinki3

    a little green before i go out for the night

    I used .... eyes: e.l.f shimmering face whip in pink lemonade? lancome eyeshadow in personal style Too faced green eyeshadow from sex kitten pallete Mac Black Tied eyeshadow Mark Hook up black eyeliner Stila Smudgepot in black Clinique high impact mascara Face: Porcelain Pink MSF BE Warmth...
  8. pinki3

    pink on new years day

    Happy new years everyone! My fotd from yesterday. sorry about it being sideways... was like that when i loaded it on my comp. I used l'oreal HIP shadow duo.. forgot the name, azreal blue, and a too faced shadow from the sex kitten pallete. Oh, and L'oreal HIP bronzer in glow. .. and MAC...
  9. pinki3

    sephora professional brushes

    Are they worth it in the long run, ie.. will the still work fine in a year or two? I just got a Sephora Professional Rounded Powder brush for xmas (the $38 one). Friend gave me the gift receipt and said that if I don't like it, I can go exchange for something else. Don't know if I should keep it...
  10. pinki3

    san francisco shopping buddy?

    i wanna pick up some new eyeshadow colors! need recs and help. any1 wanna shop ? =]
  11. pinki3

    first time posting

    first pic im using too faced sex kitten pallete on eyes, and mac politely pink lipstick the makeup in some of these pics doesn't show up very good this is supposed to be a peacock feather my friend drew on my face my first time wearing red lipstick! i love my macbook.. it can make me...
  12. pinki3

    what happened at my macys interview

    earlier i interviewed for the cosmetic sales for Stonestown, SF macys. But there were no openings for my only-availible-on weeeknds schedule. so they guy scheduled me a second interview for a temporary position at the giftwrap section. the guy said i did pretty good at the interview but the only...
  13. pinki3

    scheduled an interview at MACYS dtown for next tues. PLZ HELP!

    i never really had a group interview before.. i applied for macys stonestown in SF and they just emailed me for an interview next tues. i am pretty excited but nervous at the same time. any1 know what questions they ask you?? n how does a group interview work?? THANKS A BUNCH!!! this job isn't...
  14. pinki3

    applied for my local Nordstrom. any tips will be appreciated

    i applied for my local nordstrom last night for the beauty/cosmetic sales section. I want to tell the manager that i want to work specificly at MAC if i ever get an interview. im planning to work as a part time job. hope they contact me soon. any tips for me? thanks everyone!