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  1. BaDKiTTy69

    Urban Decay Anniversary Palette

    Hi everybody! I know I did not post on here for like two years or something! Well I was a little bit busy, had a baby boy! :) This look I did last year, when I was 7 months pregnant! So I dont remember much of which products I used. But on my eyes I used UD Anniversary Palette.
  2. BaDKiTTy69

    Coastal Scents Haul

    Hi guys! Oh, I've missed this place sooo much! Will try to post and hang out on here again, just been really busy lately. I decided to come back with a haul video. I hope you will enjoy.
  3. BaDKiTTy69

    UD Lashes!!!

    I think they lashes looks awesome! Especially Babydoll and Queen onces. And I really love they promo pictures, I think the girl is very pretty and expressions on her face are just amazing. They did amazing job with putting pictures of the eyes with each eyelash on. It helps big time to figure...
  4. BaDKiTTy69

    I met Pamela Anderson yesterday!!! :o)

    Pamela Anderson was at my local Sears (Woodfield Mall) yesterday, promoting her new perfumes. Nobody wanted to go with me, except my DH, but he had to work yesterday. So he sent me there to get her autograph for him. To get her autograph and to take a picture with her I had to purchase one of...
  5. BaDKiTTy69

    Ikea Anordna trays in BLACK Project!!!

    I wanted to purchase these trays forever and when I finally went to get them, they discontinued to make them in black???!!! At first I was really pooped, but decided to get them anyways. So I brought them home, they looked just an ok in my vanity area. But I saw them in black before (on...
  6. BaDKiTTy69

    Good primer for oily skin???

    I am still looking for a good primer for my oily skin. I tried MAC Matte, MAC Prep and Prime, MAC SPF50, Smashbox Light and all of them just ok, not so great. Recently I got box of potions from Urban Decay. I had a lot of big hopes for they primers. But they both sucked. Especially Pore...
  7. BaDKiTTy69

    I love browns + BNB Poo + Boob Job (not) :)

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Couple of weeks ago I went to my CCO and they had Time and Space and Satin Taupe e/s. So today I finally had time to play with them. I think I will do this look for a big bike event that we are going next weekend (Saliva will be performing there). On this FOTD I am...
  8. BaDKiTTy69

    Dining Table Decor. Help!

    Hello boys and girls! I ordered a new dining table set for my kitchen/dining room. And right now I am trying to figure out how to decorate it. I know all of you here have great ideas on pretty much anything, thats why Im posting it here. The table set still on the way to my house, so I still...
  9. BaDKiTTy69

    Makeupalley crashed? or i got kicked out?

    I cannot log in to it right now. Does anyone else is having any problems on it right now?
  10. BaDKiTTy69

    HeLLo KiTTy MaKeOvEr!!!

    I had my Hello Kitty makeover. Sorry about some missing info, I dont remember some of the names. FACE Prep + Prime SFF NC30 Select Cover Up NW25 Bronzer Golden (?) Fun & Games BPB Tahitian Sand BP EYES Some Paintpot (?) Lucky Tom Palette Blacktrack f/l on top Some dark purple eye liner on...
  11. BaDKiTTy69

    2 FOTD's

    Hello everyone! 1st one I had on Saturday. I went to the MAC store to check out new Cream Team Collection and I did this look. My MA was asking me what kind of eyeshadow I used and she told me that she really likes how it looks. So I was very happy to hear it. Face Smashbox Photo Finish Light...
  12. BaDKiTTy69

    I am feeling purple today

    Hello everybody! I just did this look, going to see My Bloody Valentine 3D tonight. I hope you like it. Face Smashbox Photo Finish Light SFF NC30 SF Concealer NW25 Medium Plus MSFN Golden Bronzing Powder Pleasantry M/B Eyes UDPP Vex e/s Parfait Amour e/s Chrome Yellow e/s Going Bananas e/s...
  13. BaDKiTTy69

    My Manish Look! :o)

    I know, I am a little bit late for the party. But I did not had time to play with my palette until yesterday. Cause the colors are not for everyday use. I think false eyelashes would go really good with this look, but I just went to my friends house, so I did feel like putting them on. Face...
  14. BaDKiTTy69

    Oil on my MSFN... What to do??!!

    Good morning girls! So I have very oily skin. And I get the oil in my compacts all the time. From my blotting powder it comes off pretty easy with kleenex. But I cannot get it out from my MSFN. Maybe I let it sit in there for a too long or what, but its like really hard layer of oily stuff on...
  15. BaDKiTTy69

    I finally did it!!!

    I had highlight for years now, and I got sick of it a little bit. I mean I loved being blonde, but I needed a change. So I was going back and forth do it or not to do it. And finally I did it! The first day as a brunette I was not sure what to wear or what type of makeup will look good. But now...
  16. BaDKiTTy69

    ~♥~Cherry Love~♥~

    Its a very raining day today, nowhere to go, so its a perfect time to play with my makeup. This is very unusual look for me, because I never wear red or fake lashes. But this Cult of Cherry l/g is so pretty that I had to get it. My first red lip product by the way. Face: MAC NC30 SFF mixed...
  17. BaDKiTTy69

    Naughty? Nauticals!

    I dont really like the blues on me, so thats why its took me so long to try the Naughty Nauticals stuff. Face: Studio Finish Concealer NW25 MSF Natural Medium BPB Joyous Eyes: UDPP Mutiny Pigment Bell Bottom Blue Pigment Thunder e/s Lancome Drape e/s Smashbox Caviar eyeliner Dior eye...
  18. BaDKiTTy69

    No food after 6 p.m.!!!

    I heard a lot of people are loosing weight by not eating after 6 p.m. This Monday was my lucky day to start doing the same thing. I weighted myself on Monday morning – 130lbs. I need to lose at least 10 lbs, but preferably 15. Today its 128.5lbs, maybe its working or maybe its just a...
  19. BaDKiTTy69

    ~Be Delicious~

    Yes, I got my inspiration from my new body mist DKNY Be Delicious. Its smells so good that I feel like an apple myself. I kept it very simple today. Face: MAC Prep + Prime MAC Studio Fix Powder (NC35) MAC Joyous Blush Eyes: UDPP MAC Golden Lemon Pigment MAC Golden Olive Pigment MAC Plush...
  20. BaDKiTTy69

    Lancome Haul

    I just had to share this I went to my local Lancome outlet last week and they had amazing sale. Buy 4 for $40. So of course I had to get these palettes, I wanted them for a long time too. I got 2 for myself, 1 for my mom and 1 for my sister-in-law. They were only $10 a piece...