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  1. lauraglou

    Which Mac lippies can I not possibly live without?

    Hiya I live on a little island in the middle of the English Channel and we don't have MAC on island (boooooo ) so I don't get chance to test colour and stuff as I have to order everything online. I have managed to accumulate enough empty packaging to B2M that I can choose five (yes that's...
  2. lauraglou

    Looking for OPI in the UK

    Hiya Can any of you guys recommend a UK Ebay seller selling genuine OPI nail polishes? Ta very much xxx
  3. lauraglou

    Looking for a dupe for Patina

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, but I'm looking for a MAC dupe for Patina. I must have almost every other MAC neutral colour that has ever been released except Patina and I'm refusing to buy any more neutrals on the basis that I have no more room in my palettes...
  4. lauraglou

    Neeeeeed more blushes

    Hiya I'm after some recs for MAC blushes as I only have Blushbaby, Style and Pinch O' Peach and I'd really like to get my 6 pan palette filled. I'm NW20, light brown/blonde hair and blue eyes, what other 3 MAC blushes could you recommend for my palette? Ta very much xxx
  5. lauraglou

    Cinderella seeks Fairy Godmother

    HELP HELP HELP PLEEEEEEASE I'm off to a summer ball next Friday. I have the dress, I have to shoes and bag and I also have the bling jewellery but I have no idea what colours to go for makeup wise. This is the colour of my dress This is me, light brown highlighted hair, blue/grey eyes, NW20...
  6. lauraglou

    Life's such a drag

    I'm off to a fancy dress party soon and the theme is Drag Queens, so I thought I'd have a little practice
  7. lauraglou

    Steamy Sunday

    Ok so I had an hour to myself and decided that I needed to have a go with that Steamy eyeshadow that I've had for ages but not yet even swatched!!! This is what I came up with... This is what I used: Face: Smashbox Makeup Primer Mac Mineralise Foundation NW25 Chanel Poudre...
  8. lauraglou

    Previously Depotted MAC Eyeshadows

    I've just finished depotting all my MAC eyeshadows as I had collected quite a few over the years. I always tend to buy direct from MAC and very rarely risk Ebay, however whilst I was depotting I came across two that had already been depotted and put back together again!! I had never seen this...
  9. lauraglou

    Why do I get a shiny face?

    It doesn't seem to matter which foundation I use, I always seem to end up a bit shiny. Is it the foundation reacting with my skin, or is it my skincare routine seeping back through my pores? I'm 38 years old, with sensitive combination skin. My skin care routine consists of Nars Hydrating...
  10. lauraglou

    Just popping t'shops

    I decided that M&S foodhall deserved a bit of smokey glam today This is what I used, all Mac unless stated: Face: Smashbox Photofinish Primer MUFE HD Foundation in 120 (not entirely sure this is my colour, but it's what the Sephora lady matched me to) MUFE HD Powder Nars Laguna...
  11. lauraglou

    Soooooo out my comfort zone

    Blues!!! I haven't worn blue eyeshadow since the 80's!!! I'm still not too sure about this look, can't make my mind up if it suits me or it's just an epic fail. It's also the first time that I've not used MAC eyeshadows. These are NYX ones and although they were very pigmented, to be honest...
  12. lauraglou

    Everyday Mummy

    It's parents evening tonight so I've had to do a sensible mummy look, rather than a yummy mummy one. This is the look that I tend to wear everyday for work, it's easy to do and seems to last most of the day. Arghhhh wrinkles!!!! Here's what I used (all Mac unless stated) Face: Nars...
  13. lauraglou

    Look in a Box: Gothette

    Ok so here's how I entertained myself today. The eyes were out of one of those Look in a Box sets that MAC do, I was lucky enough to pick one up at Gatwick airport the other week. Less than £30 and you get three eyeshadows, a blacktrack fluid line and little brush, a lippy and a mascara (all...
  14. lauraglou

    Too much time on my hands

    Hi Guys, I'm currently recovering from cervical spine surgery and have spent the last week at home convalessing but still have another two weeks to go Anyhow, to help relieve my boredom I thought I'd have a play with my makeup, as I have tonnes of the stuff but seem to do the same look day in...
  15. lauraglou

    What to pair with smokey purple eye

    I've just done a gorgeous full on smokey purple eye, as a practice run for a black tie doo I have coming up, but I haven't got a clue as to what I should do with cheeks and lips. Can you help me with some suggestions please. I have little lips and normally wear Viva Glam V with everything ...
  16. lauraglou

    Looking for a dupe for Laze eyeshadow

    Laze came in the 2006 Laze quad and it's a matte pale pink eyeshadow. I've hit the pan big time and am wanting to get a replacement before it totally runs out. I've been looking on the mac site, but it's so difficult to tell from those swatches. Would yoghurt be a good dupe?
  17. lauraglou

    Can I get Plum & Teal into a sexy smokey look?

    Hiya guys, I've got a staff Christmas doo coming up this next week and I'd like to do a sexy smokey look for my eyes. I'm going to be wearing a really dark purpley plummy shimmery top and I was originally going to just go for a dark greyish plumish smoke, but I managed to get my hands on MAC's...
  18. lauraglou

    My Little Princess

    This is my Megan, she 10 years old and wanted me to do a makeup trial run for her School disco in a couple of weeks time. Trying to get lower lash liner and mascara on to her was a blinking nightmare (literally). Anyway let me know what you think C.C. is always welcome. products used: Face...
  19. lauraglou

    Pressing Pigments

    Can I use anything other than rubbing alcohol/isopropyl alcohol to press pigments. I can't seem to source any where I live as you need a licence to import it with it being a flammable liquid. The closest I can get is surgical spirit, but it stinks. I have a huge bottle if MAC mixing medium...
  20. lauraglou

    Emo/Scene Makeup

    My niece wears emo/scene style makeup on a daily basis. At the moment as she's still at school she can only afford the cheaper drug store products, so I thought for her Christmas present I would treat her to some MAC. This is where I need your help. I want to fill a quad for her, which 4...