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  1. ritchieramone

    Matt Murphy jacquard bags/cases?

    Does anyone know how many different items were released in the Matt Murphy jacquard range (mid 2006ish, I think)? I have the small black make-up bag and the *enormous* tote and am aware of a white version of the make-up bag, but was there anything else? I haven't found much information apart...
  2. ritchieramone

    Holiday collections are online now

    They're in a 'secret' part of the UK website at the moment which you can get to by clicking here. The code HOLIDAYVIP gives free shipping (expires 3 November). Oddly, I only bought Danger Zone. I don't know what's wrong with me!
  3. ritchieramone

    Vivienne Westwood make-up line

    When I was in Tokyo last month, I was surprised to see a stand of Vivienne Westwood make-up in the 109 department store. I had a quick search and didn't see anything about the line on Specktra. It was comprised largely of round silver compacts and you could choose any of the eyeshadows and...
  4. ritchieramone

    Lower delivery charges

    I've just been ordering my CoC/Overrich stuff online and was pleased to see that the standard delivery charge has gone down from £4 to £2.95 - that's a nice surprise! Hopefully, we'll still get codes here and there so it won't make too much difference but it's still very welcome.
  5. ritchieramone

    Starflash is going up on

    The eyeshadows and kohl power pencils are appearing if you search for them by name. Hopefully this means that I'll still be able to pick up a couple of things from last month's collections before they're taken down.
  6. ritchieramone

    Sugar Shock dupe?

    Can anyone suggest a dupe for Sugar Shock lipgelee, please? I love the colour and the fact that it's clear, but the texture is a bit too gloopy and jelly-ish for my liking so I'd prefer a similar lipglass if there is one. Thanks! PS I usually have to buy online, hence the reason I don't just...
  7. ritchieramone

    Dupe for Tenderdusk Beauty Powder?

    As I'm nearing the bottom of my one jar of Tenderdusk (why did I only buy one?!), I'm getting a bit worried about finding a replacement or dupe. Can anyone suggest any products which give a comparable result? I'm considering the BB shimmer bricks, but I'd probably prefer MAC if possible. For...
  8. ritchieramone

    Free UK delivery code

    For some reason, I was lucky enough to get an e-mail with a free delivery code today - just after I got my Naughty Nauticals stuff, of course! It's SPRINGFAVES and gives free standard delivery. It expires on Friday 16th and can be used once per account.
  9. ritchieramone

    My "if I'm going to Tokyo this is my last haul for a long time!" haul

    I'm currently in the process of twisting my husband's arm about going back to Tokyo for a holiday. We spent our honeymoon there in 2002 and it was an amazing place to visit. If I'm ever going to be able to afford to get back there, there will be no more hauling for a long time, at least until...
  10. ritchieramone

    150 vs. 134 ... or another brush entirely?

  11. ritchieramone

    How soon can I hope for results?

    My husband and I joined a gym about 4 months ago and, since then, we've been going 3 times a week, every week. I *do* need to lose some weight, but mostly, I'd like to tone up and improve my general level of fitness. So far, I can't say that I can see or feel much of a difference and I'm...
  12. ritchieramone

    Bitter Sushi after a day at work

    After initially consigning Sushi Flower to my small but significant "list of MAC stuff I probably shouldn't have bothered buying", I decided to give it another chance. Pairing it with Bitter (one of my most frequently-worn eyeshadows) seemed a garish but reasonably pleasing idea. These photos...
  13. ritchieramone

    Tatty packaging from my latest haul

    I was in Glasgow recently, so I headed straight for the MAC counter in Frasers. I bought a few backups of Studio Fix, Blot Powder etc and some other bits and pieces which have been in my shopping basket for a while at It was only when I got home that I noticed how tatty some...
  14. ritchieramone

    *first post* Freshwater(y) eyes!

    Hello! I've been visiting Specktra for a long time, but only got round to registering a little while ago. So ... here's my first EOTD - only one photo ended up looking reasonable as my eyes have been watering so much today, ruining my eyeliner and mascara! I used ... Prep + Prime Eyes...