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    I have a weight loss YT channel

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    Recs. for this Red lippie?

    Thank you!
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    Kim Kardashian Series: FIYJBF

    Have any of you girls tried Kim K's workout DVDs? If so, how do you like them? Is there anything you dislike about them? I just bought the 3-pack from her site for $25 (promotional code "love" for the month of February.) I checked the videos out that the site had and the moves looked like they...
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    VS MUA used MAC Lipglass?

    Hey all, I was watching a video on youtube on Victoria's Secret's make-up for the swimwear catalog, and it looked like the MUA was putting on a MAC gloss on Adriana Lima. Anyone know which one this may be?
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    Nail Polish Recommendations

    Hi girls! I need some recommendations for a nail polish that can give me the look in this photo: Pretty much, I'm looking for a glossy red-orange color. It doesn't matter what brand it is as long as it's a very close match. Any help...
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    Whiteheads and Blackheads <_<

    Hi girls, Okay, so, I guess I can say that I don't have that many problems with my skin. I don't get many pimples/acne. However, I do get whiteheads on my cheeks and chin, and blackheads on my nose! I don't know what to do because I use the Clinique 3- Step skincare system, and I also...
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    Please give me some recs!

    Hi gals, Okay, so... I live in Las Vegas, NV. This desert heat is literally KILLING and FRYING my already dry hair! And my hard water isn't helping me much, either. Do you gals have any hair products (shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, serums, sprays, etc.) you may recommend me to...
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    MAC Haul! ^.^

    Hey dolls. Guess where I went today? --> I have a very small haul, but I am so excited about it so I had to share. Today I bought: - Lip Conditioner with SPF15 (clear colored. It feels amazing!) - Viva Glam V Lustre Lipstick (gorgeous color!) - I went in today and compared Myth with Creme...
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    MAC Dupe for LE "Boy Bait"

    Hi gals, I am just in love with my Boy Bait lipglass from MAC, but it is running out, and unfortunately... it's limited edition. What is the closest dupe to the nude Boy Bait? Thanks so much for any help.
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    Adriana Lima Editorial Look

    Make-up products used in this photos were all by NARS. It says in the photo that Ayako was the MUA. Does anyone have any ideas of what they might have used? I love that look. It's popping against her tanned skin. The editorial was...
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    Meet Francois Nars in San Francisco!

    Hey guys, Too bad I'm not longer in California! I would've been able to go meet Francois Nars... But for you gals close to San Francisco, CA, you should definitely jump at the chance to meet him. Here's the information pulled from Nars' facebook: Host:NARS Cosmetics Type:Other - Retail...
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    Help?: Nars Multiple Sticks

    (I hope that I'm posting this in the correct thread!) I am looking into buying a few of the Nars Multiple sticks but I need some recommendations from you girls. I have a tan complexion at the moment... Do you all have any ideas of which shades will work well with my skin tone? I'd...
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    Alicia-Monique Blanco's Look

    Hey dolls. Can any of you give me some recs on her make-up and false lashes in this look? It is just gorgeous (so is she!) I'd appreciate any help! Thank you! xx
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    What blush is she wearing?

    Hi gals Can any of you point out which blush this is or what would look like this blush that she has on? I'd greatly appreciate it! Maybe sunbasque? Or Springsheen?
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    I need your help gals! :(

    I was wondering if anyone knows by any chance what brand this dress is or where I can buy it? I'd like to buy it for an upcoming wedding. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    How can I recreate these nails?!

    Hey dolls I've fallen inlove with Lady Gaga's nails. They're a simple french manicure with a pink bow on one nail. Does anyone know how I can do this myself? Or where I can find those bows? I desperately want to do my nails like this...
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    Make-up recs. for a wedding I'm standing in!

    Hey dolls! I'll be standing in a wedding this February and I was wondering what kind of make-up should I be doing? The dress I'll be wearing is a dark, maroon-like red. What kind of look do you think I should do? I'm an NC40. Here's the dress: Many thanks!
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    A dupe for this L/E Lipstick?

    Hey dolls, I did search for some swatches of the l/e Bunny Pink lipstick from Playboy, and I was able to get a swatch thanks to Mara! She posted a swatch of her bunny pink in one of the threads... Now, people have been recommending Lovelorn, Angel, and Bombshell as a dupe for this lipstick...
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    Megan Fox's Make-Up Looks

    Post any Megan Fox make-up looks you'd like here!! __________________________________________________ _______________________________ Hey dolls, I was wondering which products you gals would recommend for me to use in order to achieve Megan Fox's look shown here?: Any help would be...
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    2 of my fotd's

    Hey dolls! I have 2 FOTD's that I did the last couple of days... I'm not skilled like most of the members here... but I'm here to learn! So with that said, let's get to the pictures! Here's last night's: Products used: - Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation in Naturel - MAC pressed powder in NC40...