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  1. labwom

    How do I change my signature?

    I have been away for years and recently came back. I went to my profile and I can see my signature but there is no way to change it. Nothing. What do i do??????????
  2. labwom

    YSL,MAC Pigments and Eyeshadow, Urban Decay For Sale!

    I don't have complicated rules but will only ship to the US. I have been trading a very long time and just want to get rid of these things. Chanel Blush Brush #4. Retails for 55. $30 Used only twice and has been washed! MAC Lip Liner in Chestnut. $11 Scratched from being knocked around in...
  3. labwom

    Searching for a product..

    I saw something online a few months ago and I cannot for the life of me remember where. It was a hair oil, just like moroccan oil but cheaper, it was packaged in the same exact bottle as moroccan oil also but had like 6 or 7 different types. Also it was from a well known company I just can't...
  4. labwom

    Authentic 187 Brush?

    Thinking about getting this online from someone but don't know if it's worth the money.What do you gals think?
  5. labwom

    Oh Ebay...

    Just came across this.. MAC 4 COLOR CREAM EYESHADOW - eBay (item 320348746391 end time Mar-17-09 12:29:09 PDT)
  6. labwom

    What color is this?

    I got this sample from the pro store and I have no idea what color it is. It is the one on the top right. It is next to Grape and Pink Vivid. Thanks ladies! EDIT: It kind of looks like trax but in loose form.
  7. labwom

    M Lab Products

    Anyone tried or or using this stuff? I recently got some samples and bought the cleanser and toner. A little pricey at $60 for each but it works wonders on my skin. For people who have tried it, which products worked best for you? I like the cleanse and toner a lot and I'm thinking of getting...
  8. labwom

    Stick or liquid foundation?

    Which do you prefer and why? I want to try the stick foundation but I'm, not too sure about it.
  9. labwom

    MSN Beauty Tips

    So I just read this article on MSN.. 24Beauty Tips. Pretty good, helpful stuff. Thought you ladies might be interested. 24 Beauty Secrets - Â♥ Makeup, Skin Care & Hair - Your Look - MSN Lifestyle
  10. labwom

    30% Off Code Good Till Thursday!!

    I just ordered a few eyeshadows and primer potion!
  11. labwom

    My Lunchtime Haul!

    Not a huge one but I bought: Cocomotion Pigment Brush Cleaner Steamy e/s Shroom e/s
  12. labwom

    Fake pigment vial! and really this is a mac palette? Lol. Come on now. I know this isn't real. We really need to start reporting these fakes!
  13. labwom

    Real or Fake Brushes? There are tons of these on there. I've never bought Mac brushes on Ebay before so help me out please! I think they're fake but not sure.
  14. labwom

    Today's Haul!

    Not much but I needed new powder badly so I took my empties and got a lipstick too. Studio Fix in NC43 Lipstick in Hug Me
  15. labwom

    Rosebud Salve

    This stuff is amzing! I don't know why I waited so long to try it especially since I've heard nothing but good things about it. It's used for so many different things. My MUA gave me a great tip! She said she uses a little as a base before putting on e/s. I tried some today with my pigments and...
  16. labwom

    It's my first time!

    Ok so I've never used 3 colors before and I've never posted a FOTD on here either! I wasn't going to but my friend talked me into it finally. I hope you guys like it! I used: Shell CCB Clear Sky Blue Pigment Azreal Blue Pigment Violet Pgment Canary Yellow e/s Black Tied e/s Maybelline Great...
  17. labwom

    My Mac Collection

    So I've decided to let everyone in on my stash. I only took pics of my Mac only. Maybe when I'm not lazy I can take pics of my Smashbox and Nars stuff too. Sorry some of the pictures are huge! Full Sized Pigments Left to Right Row 1: Night Light, Violet, Maroon, Blue Brown Row 2: Frozen White...
  18. labwom

    Dazzleray Pigment

    Sorry if this topic has been brought up before and I can not find it on the precautions list but, is Dazzleray Pigment lip safe? I think it would make a gorgeous lip gloss but I want to make sure it's safe first!
  19. labwom

    Shooting Star MSF

    Ok I just got this from MUA and I was wondering what would be the best brush to use to put this on with?
  20. labwom

    Puffy Itchy Eyes - PLEASE HELP!!!

    This is terrible! For the past few weeks the area under my eyes have become extremely puffy, red, and itchy. I have no idea what is going on. I figured I had an allergic reaction to some makeup. Well I have been using Nivea's Multiple Results which says it gets rid of the puffiness but hasn't...