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    You'll never believe this..

    Guess what guys ... So, for xmas my mom was supposed to give me money. $400 to be exact. but she said i have to wait until after christmas so it can be like a birthday/xmas gift. I said fine. I guess she felt bad for me not having anything to open on xmas day, so she got me this basket full of...
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    Ladies .... :(

    So. As you guys know, my boyfriend and I had like this huge fight 2 weeks ago. And we were like perfectly fine. Up until about yesterday. We had a little argument. I don't even know what it started out over. Basically, he's mad at me that I don't trust him. and it's not so much that I don't...
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    My Situation.

    Guys ... why the hell doesn't my man EVER want sex?! Last night I slept at his house, and I was just assuming that he'd have sex with me, because he knows that my period is gonna start soon. Nothing. ok. So he knows that one of the reasons that I slept over there was because when I sleep at my...
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    Must See.

    I came across this poem on YouTube. Watch till the end. It is amazing. YouTube - papergirl : live - "love poem"
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    Small Haul

    I haven't really been into makeup lately. I've really only been using what I have and spending my money on summer sandals, and summer clothes. But I ended up getting : Fix + v- my first bottle! Warm Chill - i loveee this color. And now I really can't spend my money on makeup because I...
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    Naughty Nauticals Flyer

    Hey Guys! Did anyone else get a Naughty Nauticals flyer sent to their house from their nearest Macy's? I got one saying to come in May 8-10 for a makeover. Yayyy
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    Heatherette Late?

    I went to my MAC counter today, and the MA told me that Heatherette was coming out this thursday. Which is the 27th. Anyone else's counter coming out then too? Or are only the stores the ones that have it out now? I don't really mind, because now i know when to be there and that I didn't miss...
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    Maxi Dresses.

    This style is set to be big for Spring '08. They are long free-flowing dresses. How do you guys feel about this trend? I personally LOVE it, and I'm planning on getting the dress below. I think for spring, it's perfect and It'll let me breathe and look feminine, without having to resort to a...
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    BF troubles

    My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for a year and 3 months already. It's been going downhill since about 5 months after we got together, but I mean I love him. He loves me ... or so I thought. I've done things for this man that NO one else in his life would. His mom is not exactly...
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    Best haul ever!

    sooooo... I went and bought the iPhone yesterday! I love it.I'm actually posting on it right now. The other day I also went to origins and got the checks and balances face wash. I love it. Bye bye proactiv!
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    So i ordered 3 things online, and today i just got the other. The things i ordered were ... Sugar Trance l/g and Monoka doll and Mini Fafi Bag... yea, so i thought the mini was gonna be bigger than it is. i think i'm going to go to the store and get the "small" one, which is really medium...
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    MAC Blushcreme VS. NYX Rouge Cream Blush

    Hello! I've been REALLY dying to try out a cream blush. I've heard great things about both. Which ones would you guys recommend? and which brand? Thank you! for reference, i'm a NW40
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    Real Desire L/G on an NW42-45?

    i am SOOO wanting to get this lipglass, but i'm more of a neutral person with pgmented lips. i was wondering if any of you ladies close to my skintone can tell me how this looks on the lips?
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    extremely dry face

    in the winter, i have the MOST dry face. the only moisturizer i use is the one that comes with my proactiv kit. i don't know what to use, because by the end of the day my t-zone is extremely oily. so i don't wanna put on something that will make my face look like an oil slick, but i need...
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    What'd YOU Guys Get For Xmas?

    My little sister woke me up at 5AM. I was like are you kidding. lol. From my mom i got: Softsparkle Pencil Set $25 Giftcard to Macy's $25 Giftcard to Sephora A pair of jeans 4 shirts $25 Gas card (most appreciated gift ever!) Hello Kitty Manicure Set (gift from sister) ...and a couple other...
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    working too much for too little.

    do you guys ever feel like you put in so many hours at work, to get a shitty check? i've recently started a new job at victoria's secret. and its like .. i'm ALWAYS there. i get sooo many hours, and i get paid like 350 bucks for 2 weeks. first of all, i'm not used to getting paid bi weekly. and...
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    150 brush?

    i'm thinking about getting the 150 brush with one of the numerous MAC giftcards i'm getting for xmas. for you guys that own it - can you tell me some good things about it, or perhaps what you use it for?
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    little haul ;)

    i got Blue Sprinkles nailpolish from ebay. you guys should get this! it's from sweetie cakes (my fav collection ever), and it's just so different. i love it
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    hauling, duh.

    hello ladiesss...and gentleman today i FINALLY got... SWEET SIENNA PIGMENT! ugh, i was going so crazy over this and i'm so hapy to have finally gotten it. the only thing that may turn me off is that ... it makes my eyelid look kinda ... dirty. but i'm gonna try it with different bases and see...
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    What are you getting other people for Xmas?

    im like ... almost done xmas shopping! now i have to pay off my credit card debt, because that's what i used to go shopping with, lol. grrrr. Mom - - blockbuster palette from sephora - these tall brown boots from alloy (so damn cute) - some makeup brushes and drugstore makeup Dad - - nothing...