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  1. MACaholic21

    Kett vs Temptu

    I can't decide which airbrush foundation to get, Kett or Temptu! Which do you prefer? If you prefer Temptu, would you get the silicone or aqua?? I do mostly bridal work. Thanks!!
  2. MACaholic21

    Recommend your Airbrush Compressor!

    I am looking to start offering airbrush make-up. Can you please recommend your airbrush compressor and foundation you use with it! Also, did you take a class on learning how to apply it or did you just practice? Thanks!!
  3. MACaholic21

    Turquoise FOTD

    Hey guys! It's been a few weeks since I posted a FOTD! Here is mine for today. I used: (all MAC unless stated) Blue Brown pigment Vanilla e/s L'Oreal HiP Cream Liner in black L'Oreal HiP Cream Shadow in Steely #7 lashes Engraved liner Peachtwist blush Gingerly blush Plush Lash Viva Glam V l/s...
  4. MACaholic21

    Arab Inspired Makeup

    I came across this picture and fell in love with the makeup. This is my interpretation of it. I know it's nowhere near as fabulous as the picture, but I had fun doing it!! Sorry for my messy hair, I wasn't in the mood to deal with it today Hey! For those who wanted a tutorial for this look, I...
  5. MACaholic21

    Makeup Discounts

    I was wondering if MAC is the only line who offers a discount on products to people who are licensed. I mainly use MAC but would love to expand and use lots of other products. So does anyone know of other lines who offer similiar discounts? Thanks!
  6. MACaholic21

    Fall colors! (pic heavy)

    I love fall so much and decided to do my eyes using colors that reminded me of fall =) Here is a list of products: All That Glitters E/S Coppering E/S Shroom E/S Antiqued E/S Teddy E/L Engraved E/L I believe #7 lashes Refined Golden Bronzer Amber Lights E/S Espresso E/S Gingerly Blush...
  7. MACaholic21

    Signature help needed!

    I am trying to make a signature, but it keeps saying "BB Code Size Value is too Large". I have tried making everything smaller and even took out the picture, but nothing is working! It keeps giving me this error. Any suggs?? Thanks!
  8. MACaholic21

    My fun girls night look!

    Hey! This is my first time creating a post so I hope I do this right! Here is a list of products I used: Beige-ing Shadestick Shroom E/S Crystal Avalanche E/S Hepcat E/S Beauty Marked E/S PlushBlack Mascara Engraved E/L Ardell 109 Lashes Sunbasque blush Peachtwist blush...