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  1. syrene78

    My pictures in the new "Specktra" won't work.

    Since the new "spectra" appeared. my pictures in my sale thread won't work anymore. They do work anywhere else than on Specktra though. How can I do so that my pictures show up again? Thanks! Steph
  2. syrene78

    Parrot is being re-released!!!

    Dear all MAC junkies, Yes, that is true! I saw it with my own eyes today at the PRO Store in NYC!!! A MA was testing some new eye shadows , lipsticks and pigments! And in the middle of these, I saw Parrot! I asked and grabbed it and she confirmed that it was Parrot. It made my day. I won't...
  3. syrene78

    French Violet Jar BNIB Sample

    I just bought a jar of a pigment French Violet. The seller, who sells a lot of samples and WN (Working Name) samples, and is very reliable actually, sold it to me as a sample. When I got it it had the sample sticker, the regular transparent sample Franch Violet Pro sticker at the bottom of the...
  4. syrene78

    New Collections For the Summer-Fall

    Hi everyone! My MA was so nice yesterday, he knows how much I like MAC and want to know what is going on... So told me, showed me !!!, what is going to be released soon... No pictures though, only a text description, so I will share that with you. Of course, I couldn't take any info down...
  5. syrene78


    I am new and my name is Stephanie. I am also known as steph9 on MUA. I have been a MAC fan for several years but recently the addiction became worse! My husband would like to know is there is an addiction support group to get me out of my "phase" I look forward to chatting with you more in...