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  1. almondeyez81

    false lashes, where to purchase them & how to apply them? I'm a newcomer to falsies.

    i heard ardell lashes from the drugstore are good, what are some good eyelashes that I can put on that stay put, and how do I apply them since this is my first time? thanks
  2. almondeyez81

    mac lipglosses,glasses which do u recommend?

    I was looking for these mac lipglosses in neutral to pink shades. what colors should i look for?
  3. almondeyez81

    The best mac lipglasses,lipglosses?

    I was looking for the best mac lipglasses
  4. almondeyez81

    KE Sensual Skin Enhancer

    I am hearing so much about this concealer, does anyone have before/ after pics using this concealer. is it worth buying?
  5. almondeyez81

    Anyone use M.D. Forte Skincare products?

    They are formulated with glycolic acid, did these work well? what did they do for your skin? negative or positive.