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  1. amber_j

    French YT vid on bad makeup

    This video cracked me up. It's by a French YT beauty guru and she's showing all the things you shouldn't do when applying makeup. Her tuts are fun anyway, but this one really made me chuckle. Enjoy! YouTube - ‪Tout ce qu'il ne faut pas faire en maquillage‬‎ Mods - I wasn't sure where to post...
  2. amber_j

    Beauty/cosmetics shopping in Paris?

    Hello Euro guys and gals I've just moved to Paris and was wondering if anyone could recommend some good shops or malls for beauty products and cosmetics. I've been to a few Sephora and MAC stores (and manged to find a 131 brush - score!) but would also like to check out some smaller boutiques...
  3. amber_j

    Rose Romance / Double Dazzle now on MAC UK website

    I think I only want Love & Friendship nail polish... Maybe... Please let me haul vicariously through you! What are you all getting?
  4. amber_j

    Fake Fafi Brush - Oh My!

    Totally taken aback by this! This is the first Fafi brush I've seen on eBay. Obviously fake unless you aren't familiar with what was actually in the collection. Apologies if this has already been posted - I couldn't find anything in the older posts. MAC FAFI BLUSH BRUSH (Reduced, minor...
  5. amber_j

    Lori Greiner Cosmetics Organisers now available in UK!

    I saw there had been a couple of posts a while back on here about the Lori Greiner organisers. In case anyone in the UK is still looking to get one of these, you can now buy Lori Greiner from QVC UK. There's a TSV today (15 Dec '08) if you just can't wait! Revolving Mirrored Wooden Organiser...
  6. amber_j

    Is Mystery Powder worth the money for WOC? Your thoughts?

    Hello guys and gals! I'd really appreciate your thoughts and advice on mystery powders. I did a quick search of old posts in this forum and saw that many of you had good things to say about the dark MP from the Stylistics collection back when it was released. I was wondering if you still...
  7. amber_j

    WOC + Naughty Nauticals = My 1st FOTD!!! (Pic Heavy)

    So I've finally plucked up the courage to post a FOTD. I'm someone who loves makeup and really enjoys playing around with it, but might not have the best technique etc... lol. But I don't mind, so long as I'm having fun I did this look today with the NN e/s and l/g I bought yesterday as well...
  8. amber_j

    When are LE collections 'retired'?

    I was just wondering, given that so many new LE collections are coming out over the next few months, when will the older ones be removed from store and counter displays? For example, if Naughty Nauticals is coming out the week after next, does that mean Fafi products will be removed from...
  9. amber_j

    Greetings from London!

    Hello everyone! I joined the forum a few weeks ago but have been lurking on here since. I felt it was rude of me not to have said hello properly I live in London in the UK and have been a MAC fan for years. I've really enjoyed my first few weeks of being part of the Spektra community and am...