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  1. LastContrast

    My Makeup Collection app needs Android testers

    Hi, I have an apple app called My Makeup Collection that can store your swatches and product details for all of your makeup products. It keeps all of the info private, so it's not another beauy community but a way of storing all of your swatches and products detail on the cloud so you can...
  2. LastContrast

    MAC x Proenza Schouler (April 24, 2014) I have to say I'm more than a touch excited.
  3. LastContrast


    Hi guys, I know that the signature criteria for Specktra is limited to personal website and not shops, but was wondering if I could get some advice as to whether I can link to an smartphone app I have developed recently? I have developed the app as a side project after getting retrenched and...
  4. LastContrast

    Hi from Australia!

    Hi, I'm a long time lurker from Australia signing up at last! LC