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  1. ViVaMac

    Must in Too Faced or Pure Luxe ?

    Hello girls, I have a question, do you have a must or the musts in the marque like Too Faced and Pure Luxe ? They interesting me but, i prefered aske you first. Thanks you ps : sorry for my english, it's bad ...
  2. ViVaMac

    Hello, UrbanDecay concealer/foundation = what color in Mac ?

    Hello, the color of UD surreal skin creamy concealer in "Dream" = what's NW or NC 15, 20 in Mac charte ? I put the adress here and for the UD foudation in "Illusion" = what's NW or NC 15, 20 etc in Mac color ...
  3. ViVaMac

    Little Help for my shade of studio tech

    Hello all, I' m sorry for my english, it's not my first language. I write in this topic and i hope it's the good one ^^ I need your opinion for this question : the NW shades hiddes the red in face or it's better to take a NC shade ? I'have very fair skin, with blues eyes and naturally blonds...
  4. ViVaMac

    Bonjour/ Hello

    Hi everyone ! I'm a newbie forum. I just say , i love this forum and yours makeups, they are beautiful, and i superlove tutorials ! I confesse : I steal yours looks (yeah, it's not nice). I am a poor French/Belge so i'm sorry for my very bad english but enjoy i understand it better when i read...