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  1. toby_is_cute

    Hair Stylists: Random question

    While at work do you leave your curling irons, straighteners, etc plugged in and on all day?
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    Keeping the little ones entertained on a plane

    We are flying home in July. This will be the first time my daughter has her own seat. She has been on a plane twice before and it wasn't fun. Anyone have any advice or ideas on how to keep her entertained on the plane? (She's two btw) I wish I had a portable dvd, but I don't nor do I want to buy...
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    Question about OPI My Private Jet

    I just got this color today after seeing swatches of it and seeing it on some nails online. I thought it was a grayish blackish color with rainbow glitter. I used it today and the glitter is silver, not rainbow. I held it into the light, went outside and it just look silver. Anyone else have...
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    Any Lost fans?

    I LOVE Lost. I think it is so amazing. I can't wait til January for the next season!
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    How does a CP work?

    What is the proper etiquette for a CP? Does the person asking for the CP tell the person doing the CP what they want? Do they pay ahead of time? Is it usually just for one item? What happens if the store is out of that item? Can you invoice someone with PayPal for the items? Sorry for so many...
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    CCO and Pro Store Haul

    Here is my haul from last Saturday. I went to the CCO at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets and the Pro Store at Ceasar's Forum Shops. The Pro Store was SO CROWDED!! I should have known better to go there on Memorial DAy weekend but I really wanted to go. They had a DJ there blasting music (it was...
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    Where do you short girls buy pants?

    Any of you short girls out there know stores that have a good selection of pants or jeans in short sizes? Most of my pants are from Express, they have a good amount. But I am looking to branch out. I hate to get pants hemmed!
  8. toby_is_cute

    Hot Coco

    Dang y'all I really need to clean my shower curtain! Eyes: Painterly Paint Pot Bare Escentuals Soft Focus Explore Shadow Coco Pigment <3 <3 <3!!! Vanilla Shroom Carbon Copperplate Brownborder Technakohl Plushlash Lips: Petting Pink TLC 1N l/g...
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    How much did your baby weigh?

    Just friend has a month to go and her Dr. told her her baby is already 6 pounds 2 ounces. My daughter was 6 pounds 15 ounces when she was born.
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    My First FOTD!! CLUB <3

    Here is my first FOTD, I am nervous! My camera sucks at close ups, so this is the best I could do. I need to work on my camera placement too, yada yada. Anyway enjoy! Eyes: Blacktrack as base Club e/s Vanilla e/s Shroom e/s Brownborder Technakohl Plushlash Lips: Sugar Trance
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    New store in Las Vegas is open!

    Ok, so I am a week late, but there is a new MAC store in Las Vegas! It opened last Monday in Town Square! YAY! The one at Casear's is such a pain to go to, and Town Square is only a 10 minute drive for me. I am so excited!