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  1. chynegal

    Tired of sephora inspired brush holder

    like the title says i am tired of using the sephora inspired brush holder i made...within the last year i have gone from having 0 mac brushes to 31 mac brushes and the container i use is getting packed...what other holder do you guys use to hold ur brushes let me know... pics would be awesome...
  2. chynegal

    mac 3d nails

    so my birthday is next week tuesday the 18th and i am turning 23. when i get my nails done i usually get some kind of glitter tips so this time i decided to try and see if i could my mac 3d glitter on my tips..........sorry for the crappy pic i took the pic with my phone because i lent my...
  3. chynegal

    should i go this short

    so i turn 23 next month and i really want to start changing my life. lose some weight, eat healthier ,exercise more, and achieve some other goals i have but just all around be happier with my life and who i am. So i am going to get my hair cut/trimmed today and i was thinking of maybe cutting it...
  4. chynegal

    Good nude Lipstick

    so i dont really wear lipstick because i have fairly large lips and i personally dont think that many colors would look good on me. so i wanted to know what are some good nude lips colors or what are some good lip colors for people with fairly large lips
  5. chynegal

    question : how do you use lash mixing medium?

    I just got my mixing medium lash in the mail today and I wanted to know what the best way to use it or how to use it. Should I mix my pigment and mixing medium together then roll my mascara in it? Do I need to use mascara at all? Help me lol