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  1. ddglitter06

    MAC Spring Master Class-- what to expect?

    I have only 1 Master Class being offered in my area, and it's the Bridal Makeup class. I'm interested in booking the class, but I want to know what to expect. Are you just watching the MUA do a few looks? Does my $25 class fee include anything? Do I need to bring anything?
  2. ddglitter06

    Scratchy brushes- help!

    So, all of my mac brushes, after cleaning them with mac's brush cleaner, are scratchy. My 224 is so scratchy it's actually difficult to use . Just looking at my 217 and it looks dry and is also painfully scratchy....I don't want to buy new brushes
  3. ddglitter06

    Anyone ever attended one of Sephora's beauty classes?

    My local Sephora is doing several classes within the next month. I didn't know they offered free beauty classes. The "Flawless Foundation" class seems interesting! Has anyone attended before or know someone who has?
  4. ddglitter06

    How does Rebel l/s look on you?

    I'm NC25, and I wore Rebel yesterday for the first time. I couldn't wait to try it -seeing how dark, pretty, and plummy it looked in the tube. I applied 2 coats and was disappointed to find that it looked like a dark fuchsia on my lips, nothing like that dark berry color I've seen on other...
  5. ddglitter06 shipping is slower now?

    I am a macpro member who orders from ALOT and my order always came in 2 days after placing the order. Now, the shipping speed is slower- it's more like 4 days AFTER placing the orders. I did notice they also are giving the option for you to pay for expedited shipping but I used to...
  6. ddglitter06

    MAC Stone lipliner dupe?

    Are there any current dupes?
  7. ddglitter06

    How to apply msf's as cheek highlight?

    I have a horrible time trying to apply my soft & gentle msf as my cheek highlight. Do I pat it on or do I swipe it, swirl it? What kind of brush? What placement-apples of cheeks? Under eye but above apples? I see so many photos with perfect highlighted cheeks and I want to be able to...
  8. ddglitter06

    NC25's.......does anyone else look bad in orange-y browns?

    I'm NC25 & I bought Amber Lights and it looks bad on me. Orange-y, so does any warm browns expecially Texture & Saddle. Anyone else is NC25 and these colors aren't flattering on you either?
  9. ddglitter06

    Please help! Bumps all over my face...are these clogged pores? (Pics)

    These bumps are all over my cheeks. It looks so bad and I don't know what to do to even begin combating it. I started using Stridex pads (in the red box) and it seems like I've gotten more bumps since using it. I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup and then cleanse with Cerave.
  10. ddglitter06

    Cool-toned eyeshadows?

    Does MAC have a lot of cool-toned eyeshadows?
  11. ddglitter06

    BLONDES- Do you bleach your own hair?

    I am not a professional hairdresser, but I do my own hair. My hair is about a level 4-5 ish naturally. I am currently a dark honey-blonde color. I will be going a little lighter, more of a cool-toned blonde, but how do you apply bleach all over your hair easily? I find that bleach can be...
  12. ddglitter06

    Why do you love MAC products?

    We are all here on spektra because we love MAC but what are everyone's reasons for loving this brand? Is it the collections, the colors, the quality? Personally I love MAC because the foundations are the only ones that stay true to color and don't oxidize on my NC25 skin. I've tried so many...
  13. ddglitter06

    Smooth foundation application tips?

    For some reason I cannot for the life of me make my foundation look smooth and flawless. I apply my foundation in buffing motions with a Sigma flat top kabuki, and although I don't have acne, my face does have tiny bumps on it. You can still see these through my foundation. Do you have any tips...
  14. ddglitter06

    Recs for light-olive NC25 --desperately needed!

    I am NC25, light olive complexion with yellow undertones. Natural medium brunette currently with lots of blonde highlights with brown eyes with some hazel flecks. I seem to not be having any luck trying to match things with my skintone. I purchased MAC Ravishing for a peach lipstick and it...
  15. ddglitter06

    Horrible shininess with Studio Sculpt foundation?

    I apply Studio Sculpt foundation after primer and always set with a powder, but after an 8 hour workday in air conditioning-my face has turned into the worst oil slick ever!! It looks horrible, shiny, and plastic. Has anyone else found that this happens when they use SS? And have any recs for...
  16. ddglitter06

    Instagram clothing "boutiques"

    There are so many pages on Instagram for various clothing "boutiques". I've noticed many of the pages are selling the same current, trendy items...the model is the exact same blonde-with-dark-eyebrows model against a white background. Lol At the various online stores the same item can vary in...
  17. ddglitter06

    Best brush for applying shadow under bottom lashes?

    What brush would be best for applying e/s under the lash line? The smudging brush I have now applies too thick of a line, resulting in raccoon-type shadow under my eyes! Lol
  18. ddglitter06

    MAC 187 & foundation application

    I don't know if I am not using enough foundation or if I am over-buffing my foundation to the point that it is sheer....but I don't find that my foundation has that full coverage flawless look. I apply a squirt of Studio Sculpt to my hand and dab my MAC 187 stippling brush into it and dab it...
  19. ddglitter06

    Red l/s recs for NC25

    I'm looking for red lipstick recs...I'm NC25, brown eyes with green flecks (not quite hazel), my skin has strong yellow undertones. The recs can be MAC, drugstore, etc. I have Russian Red, and just find it looks "weird" on me. Maybe it is too blue-toned?
  20. ddglitter06

    90's brown lipstick look recs

    I'm looking for lipstick and liner combos to recreate the looks below. I'm trying to get that 90's chola brown lipstick look that is wearable for daytime. I've always loved this look! Any recs are welcome!!