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  1. Parishoon

    Next Icon speculation

    Thumper gave us a hint & now time for the MAC guessing game...who do you think it is? Quote: Originally Posted by Thumper She's not the next icon. The next icon is an older movie star who was big in the 60's and 70's (from the US). Plastic surgerized, unfortunately. my vote...
  2. Parishoon

    Because I don't "approve" Does NOT make me jealous or a hater

    OMG! I'm going to poke my eyes out. Just got done w/ dinner w/ my parents & their friends. They brought their daughter who's a few yrs older than I. No prob, or so I thought. she comes to our house skankified. mmm, yeah, that cleavage shirt & mini need to stay in your closet, b/c they don't...
  3. Parishoon

    Do I need Night Train

    Now, I must admit, I don't own many e/s, but I know it's a lustre & i think they're okay. So should I get night train or just go w/ knight divine (which searches here say are similar)? TIA
  4. Parishoon


    recently allowed myself to appreciate the greatness of MAC, been reading for a few days now & I'm def hooked. i do freelance (i guess) mu for my family & friends for diff events & was looking up "bollywood" inspired looks & found that challenge & was like w/ the site. it's amazing now i have a...