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  1. AshleyDanielle

    Kendra Wilkinson's wedding eyeshadow recs

    I absolutely love Kendras eyeshadow from her wedding day.....I have searched high and low for a tutorial or a recommendation, but the link to this tutorial....well it looks NOTHING like the picture. SO can anybody recommend any MAC eyeshadows that can acheive this look? And also where to place...
  2. AshleyDanielle

    Super chapped lips? Found the solution! :)

    Sometimes I get super chapped lips.....and I have tried carmex, vaseline, mary kays satin lips, nivea.....eos, chapstick, olive oil, vitamin e get the hint. NOTHING was working. Mary Kays satin lips did work, but sometimes it hurt to exfoliate my lips when they were...
  3. AshleyDanielle

    MAC recs for this drugstore palette? I guess I dont know how to post a picture, but if you click or copy the link, this is the palette. Thanks :)
  4. AshleyDanielle

    Smokey eye help....crease color always messes up my lid color

    I have all the necessary MAC brushes and shadows to make a smokey eye. I watch tutorials on youtube or whatever and see how they do their smokey eyes. Butttt here is my problem.....whenever I start to apply the crease color/outer v/smokey eye seems to get ALL over my lid and then...
  5. AshleyDanielle

    Really need help...worst breakout I have experienced...

    Hey girls (and boys).... I have oily skin, and I usually do not get pimples, maybe 1 or 2 here and there. Now I do have a lot of blackheads. But that is besides the point. I have had the WORST breakout that I have ever had in my life....I woke up one day with a horribly broken out face...
  6. AshleyDanielle

    Can somebody please tell me what color this is?

    YouTube - Party Girl Makeup Please fast forward to 4:22 it is a gold/yellow color and the youtube guru did not list what color this is. Can somebody please tell me what MAC eyeshadow this is? Thankss!!!!!
  7. AshleyDanielle

    FOTN past few times I have went out

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE CC!!!!! HELP me out!!!! I still am a little intimidated by coloring in my eyebrows....I will probably get a stencil soon FOTN (all 3 pics have the same face products, the only things that changed were eyeshadow colors) All products are MAC unless stated otherwise FACE...
  8. AshleyDanielle

    Do I look like a clown? LOL...first FOTD ever :)

    Alright I am very new to makeup....and have been trying to practice applying makeup and following tutorials. It's my 23rd birthday tomorrow, and we celebrated this past weekend. My fiance INSISTS that I was wearing WAY too much makeup, and that I looked like a "clown" and a whore....(lol can...
  9. AshleyDanielle

    What is the going rate for used makeup?

    Hey Girls! I am new and I would like to know what the going rate is for used, or previously owned makeup? Now I know LE things obviously vary in price, but I am wondering, is there like a certain percentage off the retail that used makeup sells for? Or is it pretty much up the the seller? I...
  10. AshleyDanielle

    SE wisconsin....? Anybody?

    Hi girls! I am in Burlington, WI and just wanted to see if there was anybody in my area that wanted to meet up or whatever. I am really new to makeup and would love a shopping buddy or anything Anybody near me? I saw a person in Lake Geneva and Racine, c'mon where are you hiding ladies...
  11. AshleyDanielle

    Hi from Southeastern WI :)

    Hi ladies! My name is Ashley and I am a mom of 2 boys. I am quite the newbie to makeup. I just bought a few MAC products to get me going. I have been watching youtube tutorials for eyeshadow, and like all of the ones I liked used MAC eyeshadows and products, so I decided to start getting some...