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  1. Fifi Lamontagne

    Suitable hair brush for curly hair

    The last time I went to a beauty salon to dye my hair. After washing my hair dye, my hair became tangled. My hairdresser said that if you have curly hair, brushing your hair will not generate static electricity in your hair. Helps a lot; It also does not separate the curls of your head and the...
  2. Fifi Lamontagne

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    Very good. I use warm autumn and winter colors and I like them.
  3. Fifi Lamontagne

    Hair Weaving Glue = Eyelash Adhesive?

    Ooooh really! This can be dangerous and can damage the eyelashes!
  4. Fifi Lamontagne

    what's gonna happen if i took 3 birth control pills ?

    I had experience with this. I don't think it works and you will probably start bleeding in a day or two. :unsure:
  5. Fifi Lamontagne

    What's your Biggest MAC Regret?

    I used the Natural Radiance Mac makeup primer volume 50 ml once and I was very satisfied and I have to charge it after the holidays.
  6. Fifi Lamontagne

    Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?

    The duration of using lipsticks is about 5 years. If you bought it in 2014, it has expired. But if you want to use red sometimes and you have not seen a change in its color and smell, I think you can still use it. Because I do it myself and I have not had any problems so far. :)
  7. Fifi Lamontagne

    Mac chromacakes

    If you want to paint yourself and you do not have much skill in this work, it is better to get a little more of this product than usual because
  8. Fifi Lamontagne

    Batch code question

    You do not seem to have much time to use that product. Because each product has about 5 years to consume.