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  1. esmeralda89

    Anyone suffer from sleep paralysis?

    So my biggest fear came true last night . I have heard people talk about suffering from sleep paralysis and how you cant do anything to get out of the state while your in that state. I do not like when I dont have controll, so the fear of having sleep paralysis scared the crap out of me. I went...
  2. esmeralda89

    Toning fitness shoes

    Has annyone tried the Rebock easy tone shoes? Or any of the other shoes that are supposed to help you tone up as you walk? I workout everyday but Im happy to get any extra help and I would love to try these shoes but I dont want to waste money. If anyone has tried these shoes please share your...
  3. esmeralda89


    I have to get this off my chest, theres this guy I will call him M who broke my heart. Its the first time this has ever happened to me so i dont know how to deal with the situation. The story is so messy and complicated, But tis is how it started: My boyfrend of 5 years who i will call Rico...