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  1. heygirlhey698

    A lot of great goodies!

    Sephora: Tweezerman 18k rose gold lash curler Urban Decay deluxe shadows in Peace & Honey NARS blush in Anjelika Sephora brand tea tree blotting papers Lush: Lush comforter bubble bar Lush Porridge soap Lush Therapy bar MAC: MAC Internationalist&Euro Beat dazzleglasses MAC Angel...
  2. heygirlhey698

    Brush111 beware

    A few months ago when I started to get interested in MAC, I started watching videos about people doing makeup on youtube, and an ad came up titled Cheap MAC Brushes. I clicked onto the site titled, and I looked around. I decided that I should order a brush set. I didn't know...
  3. heygirlhey698

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I am really excited to have joined this site!