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  1. Joke

    The day after

    Hope you had a great party last night! Happy newyear! I'm wearing Shu Uemura Foundation Shu Uemura Powder YSL blush (LE number 14) Urbab Decay Midnight Cowgirls Lancome taupe e/s (from Chic quad) YSL black kohl Gemey Maybelline mascara Trish McEvoy bare l/s
  2. Joke

    EOTD Happy Holidays!

    MAC Stars N Rockets on Lid Chanel Rubis in crease and under eye MAC Pink Opal as highlighter Lancome Hypnose as mascara (should probably give it another coat) YSL black kohl Happy Holidays!!!
  3. Joke

    Thank You For The Make-Up - Before & After

    FACE: Shu Uemura UV Liquid shade 565 5YR Clinique Concealer shade 01 Armani Bronzer from palette Terra Mediterranee YSL blush number 14 EYES: MAC Shroom MAC Hepcat Chanel Rubis Trish McEvoy Charoal Stéphane Marais violet kohl YSL black kohl Bourjois Loose Powder Rose D'Or Lips: Shu Uemura BG...
  4. Joke

    Natural FOTD with new Shu Uemura lippie

    I bought this lippie yesterday: beige 938 (it looks more pink then beige tho): And this is my FOTD wearing it: Rest of the MU: Shu Uemura Foundation (Shu is my fav brand next to MAC) Trish McEvoy Pinched blush Stila Kitten e/s Dior brown e/l Lancome Hypnose mascara
  5. Joke

    FOTD with Capricious

    Hello girls! I used Shu Liquid Foundation Clinique Precious Posy Blush Trish McEvoy mint e/s Trish MvEvoy Charcoal e/l Lancome Hypnose mascara MAC Capricious l/s Shiseido Berry Lustre l/g Bye!!
  6. Joke

    V Day FOTD

    So this is my take on a Valetine's Day FOTD, with the focus on the lips. But in stead of red, I choose for something more coral. Face: MAC Summer Lily cream blush Eyes: MAC Pink Pearl pigment Lips: MAC See Sheer l/s MAC Lychee Luxe l/g Bye!!
  7. Joke

    Can't Wait till the Best/Worst list of 2007!

    Last year was all about Catherine Deneuve for me. It was the first collection coming out in 2006 and I loved every bit of it, the colors were so flattering! The rest of 2006 couldn't fascinate me that much. But 2007, totally different story: the collections later in the year (Matte2, Alexander...
  8. Joke

    Little Miss Cleopatra

    Hi!! I used on eyes: - MAC Pink Bronze pigment - YSL black kohl - Lancome Hypnose mascara Face: - Shu Uemura Foundation + Powder - Clinique Pink Peony blush Lips: Trish McEvoy Sundance
  9. Joke

    Matte Black e/s + Shimmer Teal e/l

    Hello!! Here's today's FOTD! In anticipation of the matte2 collection coming out in Belgium: I used on face: - Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation - Shu Uemura Compact Powder - Bourjois Ambre D'Or blush - Dior Backstage Powder highlighter On eyes: - Trish McEvoy matte black e/s - MAC Teal pigment -...
  10. Joke

    My Baby's Got the Blues

    Face: Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation Shu Uemura Compact Powder YSL Red Hot Pepper blush Eyes: MAC Stillife paint UD Midnight Cowgirl e/s MAC Blue Pigment Lancome Hypnose mascara Dior Kohl Lips: Chanel Shantung l/s
  11. Joke

    Holiday 2007 packaging

    Isn't it cute??? And as you can see it also fits a pressed powder perfectly!
  12. Joke

    Traveling in the past (pic heavy!!)

    So here are some FOTD from the past ... That's prob my sign look: red lips! Normally I'm super pale. (Use of Chanel Electric and Lancome Rose Nuance on lips) But here I used lots of bronzer. (Bronzer by Armani) I have to do a more neutral look when working: (Mulch) And I love to try...
  13. Joke

    MAC Lush N Lilac

    I bought this l/l cause I thought it would be perfect with a l/s I have, but it's not. What l/s would you recommend that suits with this l/l ? TIA
  14. Joke

    Joke's Cherry = Popped

    Hi! This is my first tut! Nothing spectacular, but I was really fun to make! Step 1: That's what a oily face like mine looks like without MU. Ouch. Step 2: Let's make it even shinier by putting on moisturizer (I use Evian). I think it's good for my skin and it makes it easier to put on...
  15. Joke

    Very neutral look with Orchidazzle

    I made this FOTD to show that Orchidazzle is a really wearable color. It's very sheer and sweet!
  16. Joke

    Mini Strange Hybrid Haul with pic

    I really love the lippie!
  17. Joke

    With all the new collections: Which item will be the next "Parrot"?

    So which LE item of the new collections do you think will be the next must have once it's out?
  18. Joke

    Face Charts

    I'm a bit dissapointed that there are only three face charts with the Strange Hybrid collection ... Don't get me wrong, I think those on the site are really fantastic, I just wished they had a couple more!
  19. Joke

    Lush Haul with pic

    Everything smells great!
  20. Joke

    barely there EOTD with shroom & mulch

    And to compensate my bare eyes, red nails