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  1. Honey&LemonGirl

    Chanel at Harrods (Exclusive collection)

    Not sure if this news has already broken, but for those who haven't heard: Chanel has a small collection out at Harrods with pink-toned items as the theme. Includes: - 3 new pink Rouge Allures (Kensington, Hyde Park, Belgravia) - a new Glossimer (Chelsea) - a luminizing blusher...
  2. Honey&LemonGirl

    Chanel Holiday 2011

    Start getting hyped up, ladies!! We have some awesome news about Holiday '11, via Cafe Makeup's Twitter: "Chanel Holiday has a travel brush set, a smokey eye kit and a lip kit. Also will release the Lagons quad and bringing Vanities quad back. Also Chanel holiday will have 2...
  3. Honey&LemonGirl

    NARS Amour blush - Formula change

    Just a heads up to ladies interested in the powder blush in Amour. My roommate was really interested in this color after playing around with mine (which I bought at least 4 years ago) and I bought one for her from a recent Sephora sale. She noticed it was a very different color from mine. It was...
  4. Honey&LemonGirl

    Sephora F&F 2010: What's on your list?

    Refilling your skincare/makeup staples? Or saving some $$ on new splurges? Let's hear what's on your lemming list, ladies!
  5. Honey&LemonGirl

    Edward Bess

    I ordered the Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream about a week and a half ago, and was wondering if anyone had experience with the shipping procedures on the EB website (since there seems to be no order tracking, etc). Other thoughts, favorites, or recommendations? I want to hear!
  6. Honey&LemonGirl

    Like Pink Swoon, but with shimmer?

    Hello, everyone!! I'm looking for a powder blush that's a pure soft/candy pink, without any peach or purple undertones. Pink Swoon seemed like a good match for color, but I'm looking for something with shimmer in it too. Dollymix is a tiny bit more intense/more red-toned than what I'm aiming...
  7. Honey&LemonGirl

    Probably should have posted here first!

    Hello, everyone!! I'm H&L Girl, 20, from California. I've been a longtime makeup fanatic, but I only recently noticed the MAC Collections (since they've been pounding them out so quickly lately!). I stumbled across here while surfing for swatches and definitely wanted to be able to put in my two...